Wearing Local Matters

Welcome to Local Threads! 

Launched by a team of young South Australians in 2019, Local Threads is the leading marketplace for the very best apparel and accessories that emerging Australian designers have to offer. The selected designers and brands go through a rigorous selection process to ensure the items our customers receive are Australian, unique and fashionable. Our customers know that Local Threads is the one-stop place to shop if they are tired of wearing the same mainstream brands and want to stand out by wearing local fashion.

“That’s great, but why does wearing local matter?”

The mission at Local Threads is to support in any way possible the best up and coming clothing brands and designers from Australia. Let’s face it, it is very hard for emerging brands to stand out in what is such a competitive industry despite having stylish products. This is where Local Threads comes in, to alleviate a lot of these designers struggles at penetrating the market. Local Threads is a marketplace for these designers to sell their products - so that every purchase made by our customers is directly supporting their talents! This support, however, does not stop at providing designers with extra sales, credibility and exposure, but it also stems to behind the scenes external business operations such as website creation and business strategy assistance.

These designers who are often remarkable young men and women have incredible talents that deserve to be displayed to the world… and Local Threads just allows them to be seen!

Each brand has a uniquely inspiring story which you can read on the Local Threads website. Our customers have single-handedly allowed some of these designers to continue their passion in creating what they love when some would have otherwise given up all hope.

What we are doing at Local Threads is making a real difference, and more importantly, your support is making a real impact.

We would like to end by saying a massive thank you to those who are choosing to pick their fashion from a marketplace that supports Australian brands, and an even bigger welcome to any newcomers reading this blog! We love you all and appreciate that you are a part of the Local Threads family!

And as always….


Wearing Local Matters.


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