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Local Threads is the leading marketplace for the very best apparel and accessories that Australian designers have to offer. Designers and brands go through a rigorous selection process to ensure the items you receive are AUSTRALIAN, UNIQUE and FASHIONABLE!

Let's face it, who else is sick of walking down the street and seeing everyone wear the same clothes? We know the Local Threads community is! If you want to STAND OUT with the most stylish UNSEEN FASHION from Australia, then Local Threads is for you!


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Local Threads is on a mission to support the best up and coming clothing brands and designers from Australia. It's very hard for emerging brands to stand out in such a competitive industry despite having fashionable products. This is why the Local Threads website is a marketplace for these designers to sell their products - so that every purchase made by you is directly supporting their talents! Visit the "Brands" page to find out more about the each brand and designer that Local Threads supports.

Local Threads is very excited to have also launched 'Change Makers'! Change Makers is a Local Threads initiative to support Australian issues through the power of clothing. The featured products on this page are designed by Local Threads brand partners who are on a mission to create a positive social impact. Be a 'Change Maker' and stand up for what you believe. 100% of all profits will be donated to the items respective cause. 

With a massive range of products, we're committed to helping you find your perfect fit. Based in Australia, our customer care team is happy to assist you with any fitting or sizing issues. We pride ourselves on customer service. If you have any problems please contact us at contact@localthreads.com.au.

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