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Blem Beach Accessories

by Editorial Staff 02 Mar 2023

Our environment is in danger. Waste and single use plastics are choking our oceans, endangering our animals and threatening our future.

Blem Beach Accessories purpose is to stop single-use products and make sustainability easy.

To succeed, they create beautifully designed environmentally friendly products that fit into your busy life and you love to use and clean - so you can reuse, reuse and reuse!

Because Blem Beach Accessories want to help people around the world to be sustainable. Together, we can help our oceans and wildlife move towards a more sustainable future.

Official Brand Name and Trading Company Blem Beach Accessories
Official Website
Contact Details (phone number and email)

0422 788 112

+61 452 375 051
Official Online Store
Phsyical Store Blem Surf Culture Pty Ltd
9 51/53 Bourke Road
Alexandria 2015
Delivery Service Provider no data gathered
Estimated Delivery upon order
Orders will be dispatched within 48 hours via standard or express shipping
How do I track my order no data gathered


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