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Local Threads is the largest marketplace for apparel and accessories that Australia's best independent brands have to offer. Our partnered brands go through a rigorous selection process to ensure the apparel you receive is INDEPENDENT, FASHIONABLE and ETHICAL!

With a massive range of products, we are committed to helping you find your perfect fit. Based in Australia, our customer care team is happy to assist you with any fitting or sizing issues. We pride ourselves on customer service. If you have any questions then please reach out at contact@localthreads.com.au.


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Wearing Local Matters is our initiative to support Australian issues through the power of clothing and fashion. Every single sale on Local Threads results in a portion of the profits being donated to a number of charity organisations; RSPCA Australia, CFA and Lifeline Australia. The selected charities save, change and improve live for thousands every year - so the least we can do as a community is give back! "Local Matters" is also about directly supporting talented Australian independent brands and designers that are promoted worldwide through Local Threads!


Local Threads extends our social responsibility by ensuring that all featured brands & designers adhere to our ethical requirements. If it is not ethical, then we will not sell it!

We promise that;

1. AUSTRALIAN ONLY: We only sell Australian brands and designers fashion. Everything you purchase is 100% Australian designed.
2. ANIMAL FRIENDLY: No animal fur or exotic skins! We will never sell a product where an animal has been killed purely for its skin.
3. FAIR PAY: All featured brands & designers receive the majority of all sales proceeds. This allows them to pay fair wages, use ethical suppliers and design the best possible quality products. 
4. SUPPORT AUSTRALIAN CHARITIES: We work alongside multiple charities to help make positive changes in our community.
5. QUALITY GUARANTEE: We ensure every product is of the highest quality standard.
6. FAIR PRODUCTION: There is a fair and transparent supply chain from all brands so that no sweat shops or child labour is being used.
7. ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY: We eliminate environmental damage by not manufacturing and sending custom packaging. We have also eliminate two-way packaging as all orders are sent directly from our brands to reduce unnecessary travel emissions required for your order to arrive.  

Wearing Local Matters.


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