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by Editorial Staff 03 Mar 2023

CAMILLA AND MARC is renowned for their statement making simplicity. With timeless tailored silhouettes consisting of rich fabrications, and easy femininity mixed with masculine tailoring and androgynous shapes the brand has long been loved for its effortlessly wearable wardrobe pieces.

The CAMILLA AND MARC philosophy centres around high-end design and construction that allows the wearer to shine through. CAMILLA AND MARC believe in great design that is transforming; striving to inspire the women to live creatively and richly. Timeless, modern and tailored with an unexpected edge, CAMILLA AND MARC represent a sophisticated sensibility that holds innovation at its heart.

Official Brand Name and Trading Company Camilla and Marc
Official Website
Contact Details (phone number and email) +61293585177

02 9357 5822
Official Online Store
Phsyical Store 17 Glenmore Road
Five Ways Paddington NSW 2012
Delivery Service Provider
All orders are shipped internationally from Sydney, Australia via DHL Express to: Hong Kong, China, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan and Japan.
Estimated Delivery upon order Standard - within 2-4 business days

Express - 2-4 days
How do I track my order no data gathered

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