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Miss April

by Editorial Staff 02 Mar 2023

We are Miss April. A curated collection of artisan towels made for you to love.

Miss April set out to create beautiful products that were not only sustainable, but also honoured the traditional makers process of the Turkish towel. Miss April is a proud retailer of ethically made Turkish towels Australia wide. Each of the towels are weaved with mastery that has been passed down from generation to generation. 

Miss April only sells traditionally loomed towels that have been hand-made by small families of artisans on old shuttle looms.

Official Brand Name and Trading Company Miss April Towels
Official Website
Contact Details (phone number and email)

Retail: 0401 356 980
Wholesale + Trade: 0456 794 000
Official Online Store
Phsyical Store Miss April Towels c/o Promtel
Unit 2, 42 Carrington Rd
Castle Hill, NSW 2154
Delivery Service Provider Australia Post and Couriers
Estimated Delivery upon order 2-3 business days
How do I track my order Will send an email with a tracking link.

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