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Leading the Charge: Yael Alfalo, Founder of the Sustainable Fashion Brand Reformation

by Editorial Staff 13 Feb 2023

The Ingenious Mind Behind the Eco-Friendly Fashion Brand

Yael Aflalo is the founder of Reformation, an environmentally conscious fashion brand that has become a leader in sustainable fashion. Aflalo, who grew up in Los Angeles, was always interested in fashion and sustainability. She started her career in fashion by working for various clothing brands, but she soon realized that the fashion industry was not as environmentally conscious as she thought it could be.

In 2009, Aflalo started Reformation with the aim of creating a fashion brand that was both stylish and sustainable. The brand was created with the goal of reducing waste in the fashion industry and using sustainable materials and practices to reduce the brand's carbon footprint. Reformation's clothes are made from recycled materials, and the brand uses environmentally friendly methods of production, such as water-saving technologies and renewable energy sources.

Reformation's unique approach to fashion quickly gained a following, and the brand became known for its sustainable and stylish clothing. Aflalo's commitment to sustainability has been a major factor in the brand's success, and Reformation has become a leader in the sustainable fashion movement.

In addition to its commitment to sustainability, Reformation has also become known for its unique sense of style. The brand's clothing is inspired by vintage fashion, and it incorporates modern and trendy elements to create a unique and stylish look. Reformation's clothes are designed to be both stylish and versatile, making them ideal for women who want to look good while also being environmentally conscious.

Aflalo and Reformation continue to focus on sustainability and are always looking for new ways to reduce their impact on the environment. The brand regularly collaborates with environmental organizations to educate consumers about sustainability and to promote sustainable practices in the fashion industry.

Yael Aflalo is a visionary entrepreneur who has used her passion for fashion and her commitment to sustainability to create a successful and impactful brand. Reformation has become a leader in sustainable fashion and has inspired many other brands to follow in its footsteps. Aflalo's unwavering commitment to sustainability has made Reformation a brand that not only looks good but also does good for the environment.

What Are The Top Seller of the Brand

Reformation's top sellers vary, but some of their most popular items include:

  1. Dresses: Reformation's dresses are known for their flattering fits and stylish designs. They are available in a range of styles, from casual to formal, and are made from sustainable materials.
  2. Tops: Reformation's tops are a popular choice among customers. The brand offers a variety of tops, including t-shirts, blouses, and crop tops, in a range of colors and styles.
  3. Jeans: Reformation's jeans are made from sustainable materials and are designed to be both comfortable and stylish. They are available in a range of fits, including high-waisted and skinny jeans.
  4. Skirts: Reformation's skirts are a popular choice among customers. The brand offers a variety of skirts, including mini, midi, and maxi skirts, in a range of styles and colors.
  5. Outerwear: Reformation's outerwear, including jackets and coats, are made from sustainable materials and are designed to be both functional and stylish.

These are some of Reformation's most popular items, but the brand's offerings are constantly changing and evolving to meet the needs and preferences of their customers.

What is the Official Store?

Reformation's official website is They also have several brick and mortar stores located in various cities across the United States, including Los Angeles, New York, and San Francisco. On their website, customers can shop for their latest sustainable fashion collections and learn more about their commitment to sustainability.

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