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Riding the Green Wave with Jack Steele - Founder of Whattle

by Editorial Staff 21 Mar 2023

Australian born and raised, Jack Steele is not your typical surfer stereotype. Sure, he has blue eyes and sandy hair, but that’s where the similarities end. Jack has a mission. And for the past decade has been designing and producing high end, low impact eyewear and accessories for coastal dwellers through his own brand – Bird & Hill. (established 2013)

“I’ve always had a problem with the amount of ocean plastics and debris off the east coast while surfing, so I’ve made sure to never use plastic in any of our products.” - Jack 

In an interview with Jack, he was gracious enough to share his thoughts on Whattle and how it can impact the world.

Chuck: What inspired you to start Whattle?

Jack: The inspiration behind Whattle stems from the need for a more sustainable approach to managing unwanted items in our community. We believe that throwing things away shouldn't be the only option. Our team recognized a gap in the market for a simple, cost-effective solution to this issue, and Whattle was created to fill that gap. We strive to make a positive impact on the world by encouraging people to adopt a more sustainable approach to fashion and lifestyle by providing a platform that people can use to reduce waste and promote a more sustainable and circular economy.

Chuck: That's indeed a noble cause! Can you tell us more about your company's mission and its contribution to a greener planet?

Jack: At Whattle, our mission is to build a more sustainable future by reducing clothing waste in Australia. Our platform is not just a shopping destination, but a tool to promote environmental sustainability. We offer our users financial benefits and the opportunity to make a positive impact on the planet. Australians dispose of over 800,000 tonnes of clothing and textiles each year, excluding household items. Whattle is built to help reduce these numbers and make a positive contribution to the planet.

Chuck: I understand that it is not an easy task to make this mission become a reality. What are some of the challenges you've faced while starting up Whattle?

Jack: Starting a company is never easy. Over the past decade in business, I have gained valuable experience and learned from my mistakes. With Whattle, we have taken note of each challenge and developed strategies to overcome them. While we are still a young company, only six months in, we are proud to say that we have had a smooth start. Our team is highly focused, and our vision for a more sustainable future is clear. However, we are aware that challenges may arise in the future, and we are prepared to tackle them head-on with the same determination and perseverance that got us this far.

Chuck: Congratulations! Now, can you tell our readers what sets Whattle apart from other start-ups?

Jack: Whattle stands out from other startups because it is the first of its kind. Our platform is unique in that it benefits everyone involved. Our users save money while at the same time making a positive impact on the environment by reducing waste. This has a ripple effect that benefits local councils, state governments, and the international community by reducing the carbon footprint associated with clothing production and disposal. At Whattle, we believe in a WIN-WIN-WIN scenario, where everyone wins: our users, the planet, and the global community. We are proud to be leading the way towards a more sustainable future for all.

Chuck: I love that Win-win-win attitude! I have been hearing about this DNA of the company. Can you tell me more about it?

Jack: Whattle's unique approach to sustainability and circular economy sets it apart from other marketplaces such as Depop, Gumtree, and Facebook Marketplace. By focusing on the environmental impact of secondhand waste, Whattle’s approach offers a unique value proposition to its users. However, its DNA is TOP secret at this point in time.

Chuck: I guess we will just watch out once the app is launched. What advice do you have for individuals who want to live a more sustainable lifestyle?

Jack: With the increasing availability of sustainable products people are taking positive steps towards a more eco-friendly lifestyle. It's crucial to be mindful of our consumption patterns and waste management practices and seek ways to reduce our impact on the environment. Whether it's by using reusable products like keep cups or supporting initiatives like Whattle, small actions can have a significant impact in promoting a more sustainable future.

Chuck: What's your vision for the future?

Jack: Whattle's straightforward design and environmentally conscious principles have the capacity to make it the most sustainable e-commerce platform globally. Its ease of use is comparable to that of eBay, making it accessible to a similarly extensive audience. Whattle will play a crucial role in reducing carbon emissions and the number of landfill sites in the future.

Chuck: And finally, on a fun note, what's a perfect day for you?

Jack: My perfect day is an early morning and/or late afternoon surf at my local breaks. I have just taken up snorkeling recently and love the experience of exploring the nearby coastal reefs. I enjoy bushwalking along coastal tracks and lookouts. I also look forward to sharing a cold beer with like minded people.

Now Jack has his eyes set on the bigger picture! Tackling pollution and drastically reducing landfill waste world-wide, with a unique shopping platform that benefits both its users and our planet - Whattle™ Whattle™ means a win for the environment and a win for the people – a rare combination in today’s fast moving society. Jack has recently met with successful businessman and app developer Adam Baodunnov, who has agreed to partner with Jack in his newest venture


Hey there! I'm Chuck, the Editor-in-Chief at Local Threads. We’re on a mission to showcase founders of start-ups and help them shine and tell the world about themselves, their products, and their vision in life. We see value in the stories of big brands and their founders as well. Their success can be a source of inspiration for start-ups. 

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