What's you brand all about?

Drews clothing is a men’s swimwear brand located in Melbourne producing high quality and stylish designs to get guys to go from beach to bar with no hassle at all.

Where are you based? 


When did you start your label, and why?

In 2019. Drews was a random idea that came to life, by the pool, in Vegas after a few drinks. After looking more into it we found that there wasn't a big men’s swimwear market so we thought why not give guys the shorts they want and need.

What has been your brand’s proudest moment so far?

Having Connor McGregor and many more influencers wear our shorts. That gave us confidence and it goes to show that our brand is doing something right!

Source: Insta story @drewsofficial_

What sets your brand apart?

The high quality, design and comfort of the shorts. You just won't want to take them off.

What’s coming for your label next?/ What are you excited about?

2022 has some big things coming, with maybe a big move in the overseas market...

What advice would you give to any Australian entrepreneur/ designer who wants to start their own label now?

It takes time but patience is key as it all falls into place if done right.

Would you like to add anything else?

Drews will be moving into recycled shorts in the new year making all the new range with recyclable plastic.

That's exciting! We're looking forward to it. 
Thanks guys for taking the time to answer our questions!


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