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What Makes The Best Ethical Fashion Marketplace In Australia?

by Local Threads 03 Sep 2021

Ethical and sustainable brands mentioned in this post; Lanikai the Label, Cantik Swimwear, Allerton Swimwear.

Ethical Clothing Australia

The ethicality of clothing production is becoming more and more top of mind for not just fashion enthusiasts, but for every-day consumers alike. In this post, we hope you will take away some helpful pointers to keep in mind when you are not only looking for ethical brands but also marketplaces.
Australia, in recent years, has seen the rise of a handful of ethical marketplaces offering and promoting brands that embrace sustainable, eco-friendly and ethical practices. From the sourcing of materials to the manufacturing and distribution, it is now more than ever important to understand how your clothing came to be in your closet and this is now easier than ever to do.
The truth is, if a clothing company isn’t offering any information on the sourcing and manufacturing process, it probably is not very proud of it and would rather you didn’t know for obvious reasons. In fact, if you are looking for a brand with your environmental footprint or social impact in mind, the brands messaging should be mostly based around their environmental or social initiatives.

Ethical And Sustainable Clothing Fashion Australia

Before anything else, as a conscious consumer, the first place you should look is a marketplace’s “About” page. The Local Threads “About” page begins by explaining what kind of brands and values the marketplace promotes and its selection process before listing its five key ethicality and sustainability promises.

  1. Profit donated to Charity
  2. Fair pay & ethical production
  3. Australian brands (local businesses)
  4. No real animal fur
  5. Eco-friendly fashion

This kind of set up immediately qualifies the marketplace to the customer to show that the values of the market place align with the customers.
In your search for sustainable fashion, you shouldn’t have to read to far into a brands website or the Meet the Maker profile under each product description on the market place. A great example is Lanikai the Label. Their profile mentions their ethical and sustainable values incorporated in their brand philosophy and explains exactly what their mission is as an eco-friendly label.
All brands available on Local Threads include a meet the maker profile under each of the brand’s products to promote transparency and brand authenticity with our customers. We believe that the more educated our customers are about how their purchasing decisions can impact topics such as environmental sustainability, landfill waste, CO2 emissions, animal welfare and ethical practices, the easier it is for them to contribute to these issues in a positive way.
This leads on to the next factor that sets Local Threads apart from the rest of Australia’s Ethical marketplaces. Choice!
At the time of this article being written, offers the largest range of ethically and sustainably focused brands not only giving consumers choice product-wise but also in terms of what kind of social/environmental contribution they want to support. With very minimal research a customer might decide to purchase a product from Cantik Swimwear because they are onboard with their environmental practices. Alternatively, the customer may choose to pick up a very similar product from Allerton Swimwear because of their ethical manufacturing awareness. This functionality puts the voting power into the educated customer and allows for social and environmental change to come before profits.

Best Ethical Fashion Marketplace In Australia

Finally, it is important to understand what exactly the marketplace does to contribute to the social and environmental values of the brands it sells independently. This should also be found on the about page. Local Threads notes It’s bid to both environmental and social impacts by minimising the waste and pollution for each order by using new technology and distribution systems to eliminate as much handling and extra packaging as possible. Customers also gain peace of mind knowing that a substantial percentage of their purchase goes towards social initiatives within Australian communities.
So whether you are looking for environmental initiatives that actively recycle what otherwise would have ended up as waste, organic/vegan materials, cruelty-free, ethical initiatives or ethically produced clothing/fashion, you now know where to look, what to look for and how you as a consumer can make a difference with your purchases.

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