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Independent Clothing Brands Australia, Ethical And Sustainable Fashion Brands

by Editorial Staff 21 Oct 2022

Author: Mike Ayeni

Are you looking for independent clothing brands in Australia? You’re not alone in this. The love for fashion is a global phenomenon, and with increasing global consumer consciousness, fashion lovers are beginning to link their concern for ethical production processes with their fashion patronage. From Australia to anywhere in the world, people are happy to experiment with both the latest and timeless trends from their favourite independent brands, while simultaneously supporting ethical and sustainable fashion practices.

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If you are looking for the best independent clothing brands in Australia, Local Threads has put together this article to help you find the most beautiful fashion by the most conscious brands. Local Threads is proudly the largest Australian ethical fashion marketplace, featuring and partnering with some of the country's most well-known independent brands. We can guarantee that every company listed in this article has undergone a  stringent screening procedure to make sure that you will always have access to the most current fashion produced by local brands that support sustainable practices.

Local Threads stocks more than 150 brands and 6000 different products and is dedicated to assisting you in finding the one that is the best match for you. To get familiar with affordable sustainable and ethical brands, along with independent clothing brands, we’ve put together a list of good quality clothing brands in Australia, that produce the latest fashion trends you would love to try.

Check Out the Top 10 Independent Clothing Brands in Australia

Azzura The Label

Azzurra the Label, available on Local Threads Australia, is an exclusive womenswear brand that stays inspired by the warm weather of Europe throughout the entire year. Established in 2019, Azzurra the Label is based in Melbourne, Australia and the daring and emancipating collections are brought to life in ready-to-wear pieces that can be worn from day to night and are easy to incorporate into any wardrobe. Each piece is created, cut, and assembled in their Melbourne headquarters, and there is only a limited number of each piece available.

BAIS Clothing

    BAIS is an Australian Independent womenswear brand that believes in providing solutions, showing consideration and care for both people and the earth, minimising its negative influence on the environment as much as possible, and regularly assessing the efficacy of its efforts in this area. The entire process of crafting each BAIS piece also supports local Australian industry, from textiles to manufacturing to haberdashery. BAIS’s manufacturer cuts and sews every one of the pieces in the collection right here in Perth, Western Australia, and you can shop BAIS pieces on Local Threads AU. They are committed to maintaining a strong presence in the local economy, and their supply chain operates with a high degree of openness and transparency. 

    Caye Collection

      The crew at Caye Collection is all working toward the same goal, which is Style. It took the team three years to perfect the art of style after the company was founded in 2015 and then launched in 2018. Every one of Caye’s items found on Local Threads Australia is produced by hand using materials of the highest possible quality, which also serves as a representation of the overall objective of the group. Attention to detail. There is no question that the collection as a whole reflects the careful attention to detail that was paid to creating it. The goal of The Brand of Caye is to provide consumers with high-quality goods at reasonable prices.


        DVNT is a streetwear brand that was founded in 2008 and has spent the previous decade building a strong following and establishing itself in the worldwide streetwear scene. A part of the counter cultural movement, DVNT is a distinctive and cutting-edge method of fashion design motivated by several subcultures, including music and art. The Molotov logo was designed to be a symbol of independence and emancipation, as well as to express the aspiration that we have for developing a one-of-a-kind product that differentiates itself from the myriad of tired popular brands. You can shop DVNT at Local Threads AU.

        Evolve Apparel

          Evolve Apparel began operations in the year 2018 in Melbourne, Australia.

          With the dream of becoming one of the most versatile sportswear brands available on the market, one that mixes fashion with functionality to give people the self-assurance that comes with knowing they look beautiful while also assisting them in achieving their fitness objectives. Their pieces can be found listed at Local Threads Australia.

          The name of the brand perfectly encapsulates its mission, which is to constantly evolve through bettering, gaining strength, and becoming better at what they do.

          Fox and Velvet

            Since its introduction to the Australian clothing market in 2018, Fox + Velvet has been met with a favourable reception. Fox + Velvet presents a collection of easy-to-wear off-duty staples and contemporary streetwise items, which serve as the basis for any wardrobe built around current fashion trends. Listed at Local Threads AU, Fox and Velvet are dedicated to providing comfort through whimsical design while maintaining an affordable price point without sacrificing product quality. 

            Jimmy Stuart

              The Jimmy Stuart label was founded in a garage in 1984, with a ping pong cutting table and the aspiration to maintain its authenticity and its uniquely Australian flavour. They aim to inspire their consumers with designs that are daring, eye-catching, and one-of-a-kind. They are listed at Local Threads Australia and are the ones who set the trends for guys. All of their printed and linen shirts, hoodies, polos, lounge pants, shorts, boxer shorts, and board shorts, as well as face masks, are made locally in Australia. 

              La ENVIRO

                The very name of this establishment, LA ENVIRO, pays homage to the natural world. As they produce clothing, they work hard to ensure that the natural world suffers as little harm as possible and that its resources are not depleted in the process. As a company, its long-term goal is to make the world a place where no animals are harmed in the process of making beautiful and long-lasting products using eco-friendly materials all listed on Local Threads AU. LA ENVIRO lines all of its products with lining material derived from recycled plastic bottles and uses magnificent faux leather manufactured from plants. Every one of our pieces is crafted by hand by one of their skilled artisans, which results in a smaller carbon impact and items that are exquisitely completed.

                MAD Active

                  MAD Active is an Australian clothing brand of sustainable and ethical activewear that was established to provide you with a choice that is within your price range. They are aware that a lot of people generally want to make conscientious decisions, but that option isn't always available to them because of the cost, which is precisely why they decided to establish MAD in the first place. To bring you an option that is both affordable and high-quality, so you can make a decision that is congruent with your values and the things that are important to you. You can shop MAD Active at Local Threads Australia.

                  Saint Rose

                    Beginning operations in 2016, Saint Rose is a local label designed in Melbourne, Australia, that caters to the needs of the contemporary Australian lady in need of everyday casual wear that combines a passion for quality and style. The goal of this project is to design feminine modern women's apparel that is both unfussy and wearable fashion. components that are fundamentally dynamic and have a rock and roll flavour. Shop their lovely designs at Local Threads AU!

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                    Why Should You Support Independent Clothing Brands?

                    Beyond going for the latest trends and buying local, supporting independent Australian brands means ensuring there is a fair and transparent supply chain from all of the brands you buy, which ensures that unethical manufacturing techniques, such as the use of child labour, are not being utilised at any point in the production process.

                    Also, most of the profit made from sales is distributed equally across all listed businesses and designers. This enables them to pay decent salaries, work with ethical suppliers, and produce items for you that are of the highest possible quality!

                    How To BUY Independent Clothing Brands in Australia

                    You can find the largest listing for independent and ethical Australian clothing brands at and be sure to get good quality clothing at the most affordable rates in Australia.

           is the greatest online store offering products from a variety of high-quality clothing brands across categories like Womens, Mens, Kids and Homewares.

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