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Men's Alternative Clothing Stores Australia

by Editorial Staff 09 Feb 2023

Author: Zenda Nel

To say there is a vast range of alternative men's clothing is not an exaggeration. There is a staggering number of subcultures that have given life to some of the most exciting and iconic styles in men's clothing over the years. 

The 1980s inspired styles like Glam Metal, Visual Kei, Punk, New Romantic, Skaters, Goth, Skinheads, Hip Hop, and many more. Today, youngsters on TikTok are creating the E-girl and E-boy styles among a slew of new looks. That is also where you will find the alt boys. Alt boys are teenagers who rebel against societal norms, dressing in clothes that combine Goth and emo kids.  

Here is a very short list of alternative styles for men:

  • Cold Weather Combat
  • Serpents & Snakes
  • Urban Techwear Style
  • Love Struck
  • Playing With Fire
  • Protection Collection
  • Steampunk Fashion
  • Post-Apocalyptic Styles
  • Gothic & Dark Fashion
  • Tribal Fashion
  • Rock and Roll Style & Stagewear
  • Pride
  • Desert Ninja

For Australian men who are into alternative fashion, there's no shortage of men's alternative clothing stores in Australia. We pick out the best for you here.

Local Threads

For Aussie men looking for individual and unique clothes, Local Threads has become the go-to platform. The online store sells ethical Australian clothing that the modern, responsible man is looking for. The online store carries established sustainable Aussie brands for men such as Rusty, ORTC, Escape Apparel, and many more.

OtherWorld Fashion

The company was started by Utku because he couldn’t find stylish alternative menswear for himself. If you are a guy who refuses to follow the pack, OtherWorld Fashion has clothes and accessories to recreate yourself in any of the following styles:

  • Gothic
  • Steampunk
  • Victorian
  • Pirate
  • Medieval
  • Punk
  • Rock & Metal
  • Post Apocalyptic
  • CyberPunk
  • Vampire

And don't think for a moment this means just a perfunctory piece of clothing or shoes that hint at a certain style. No, you can shop for the complete look. For instance, if you are going for a Steampunk look, you can indulge in the precise pants, boots, hats, goggles, masks, vests, coats, bracelets, gloves, and bags to leave no doubt about your preferred style.  

Image by David Milian via Pixabay


Beserk was established way back in 2000 and has become Australia's largest alternative online store. Apart from alternative fashion for men and women, Beserk also sells alternative cosmetics, hair dyes, accessories, and homeware. 

The company prides itself in only selling officially licensed and 100% genuine articles, which are stored in its warehouse in Windsor, Queensland, stating on its website that it's not a drop-shipping company that sells cheap copies.

Beserk offers a truly voluminous range of alternative clothing for men, which even includes a range of alternative men's underwear and socks. And the list of top brands they carry is as long as your arm. Whatever you're looking for, you're likely to find it at this Australian clothing company.

Immoral Fashion

Immoral Fashion is a gothic and alternative fashion online store featuring all the really big brands, such as Demonia, Spiral, Punk Rave, Queen of Darkness, and GDG. They have some fantastic pieces of clothing for both men and women. Their range of cyberpunk pieces is amazing both in style and quality.

If you are in the mood for a black zipper jacket, a hooded jacket, or a Gothic trench coat this store won't disappoint. The store also has something for those brave enough to go about in a long, black cape or cloak. 

Electric Witch

Born on the Sunshine Coast, Electric Witch is Australia’s latest alternative fashion brand. The Australian brand says it creates unique designs for the weirdos, the witches, the goths, the punks, the vamps, and the freaks.

Electric Witch sells jackets, tees, shorts, hoodies, crop tops, streetwear, gym wear, accessories, hats, and more. Shipping is free in Australia with purchases of over $99, but that's not what the company's customers are raving about.

On Trustpilot, loads of customers praise the store for its quality products, amazing designs, smooth delivery service, and excellent communication. Way to go!

Suicide Glam Australia

Suicide Glam Australia has been around since 2007 and has grown over the years to a stockist of all types of alternative apparel including Goth, Rock and Metal, Dark Academia, Steampunk, and Vintage Gothic. And if you need an outfit for Halloween, this is the place to get it.

Suicide Glam Australia, stock clothing from leading international brands in all sizes including plus sizes, and sells an extensive range of cosmetics for the alternative look. Check out their range of coats and jackets for men.


Skulledclothing is a family-owned business in Perth that was started in 2017 when the owners couldn't find clothing and accessories with a touch of darkness. In addition to the online store, the company has one outlet in Perth and ships worldwide. For a young company, Skulledclothing has a great range of alternative style hoodies, tees, and duffle bags for men, and a creepy range of collectables that include horror dolls. They also sell taxidermy items.

The brands they carry include Dirt Bag Designs, Hotrod Hellcat, Killstar, Liquorbrand, Loungefly, Luna Moth, Madmia, Sourpuss, and Sullen. 

Photo by Alonso Reyes on Unsplash

Off Ya Tree

Off Ya Tree has more than 20 stores across Australia supporting the alternative lifestyle. Off Ya Tree offers customers alternative clothing, accessories, jewelry, as well as body jewelry. This alternative lifestyle brand takes alternative fashion a step further by offering stunning, professionally performed body modification services. Even something as simple as getting your ears pierced can be done for you in twelve different ways!

Like some other Australian online fashion stores, Off Ya Tree is becoming more ethical and environmentally conscious. The company has joined The Thin Green Line Foundation which provides funding to a wide range of conservation projects and programs worldwide.

Off Ya Tree has apparel, jewelry, and a wide range of accessories for men.


Doofstore sells alternative, steampunk, hippie, rave, doof, and festival clothing, and specializes in dancefloor clothing. Doof Store is part of the Half Wild project - a global platform built for underground electronic music culture.

If you have a sense of fun, a way out sense of fun, you'll love this shop. Doofstore has the wildest range of tees and socks you'll ever come across even on the World Wide Web. Their Steampunk Doof belt & shoulder bag is just the best. Be sure to give this cool Australian clothing brand a try.

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