The philosophy behind Local Threads Australia


Local Threads Australia began as an eCommerce website geared towards helping Australian-owned and operated fashion businesses sell more of their products online. Done through digital advertising and techniques studied through the use of data analysis of Australia’s fashion industry sales trends.

But, simply placing these vendors in one all-encompassing eCommerce website was not enough. LTA started to use other avenues to increase vendor’s product visibility through the use of Search Engine Optimization(SEO) techniques to optimize vendors and their 

products’ ranking in various search engines increasing the possibility of more sales.

With expertise garnered from our own experience and a slew of expert personnel on digital marketing, LTA pushed its own marketing towards high-value sales records. This then provided a brand new avenue to directly assist vendors with their digital marketing campaigns and increase their own sales, thus born our Vendor Support Program(VSP).

  • eCommerce Solutions Platform
  • Warehouse management
  • Product Selection
  • Pricing Strategy 
  • Marketing Analysis
  • Digital Marketing

VSP is one of the ways LT earns while helping its vendors by providing and employing various Digital Marketing(DM) techniques such as, but not limited to the following:

  • Providing a Dedicated Account Manager, updating vendors on their sales performance, data information on how best to increase sales, monitoring services for their eCommerce performance, among others.
  • LTA website wide brand promotions, ensuring vendor’s visibility on the LTA website in itself.
  • Electronic Digital Mail Marketing(EDM) campaign, using LTA’s very own extensive, customer email list. This will provide our vendors more customers to view their current promos and marketing campaigns.
  • LTA can also provide or assist vendor-specific digital marketing campaigns, with the use of its experts, such as personalized EDM, campaign planning, and articles/blogs developed for the use of the vendors for DM purposes. 
  • SEO services can also be provided through the use of maximizing SEO opportunities within the vendor’s website by placing SEO text opportunities and developing articles/blogs that specifically target the vendor.
  • LTA can even go as far as providing extensive redevelopment of the vendor's website for it to be more functional and efficient for customers.
  • Warehouse Management

Then to grab every opportunity there is and to maximize LTA’s reach, we developed a dedicated publication Local Threads Magazine (LTMAGZ.COM). This will serve the purpose of promoting our services and increasing the likelihood of our vendors' presence in the digital realm. LTMAGZ will promote through the use of articles, stories, and blog publications both the vendor itself and their products. This will be achieved through articles that promote information on vendors’ products and a slew of stories about the vendors as well. 

But what will differentiate LTMAGZ from all digital fashion magazines is the publication’s use of independent, unbiased, direct data-driven product review stories. These stories or blogs will show product reviews through proven scientific and actual product user reviews. Providing readers with information best suited to help them assess whether a product is actually good for their use.

Finally to bolster the success of LTA a revamp of our eCommerce site will encompass all that has been learned from the past and improve the website significantly. LTSHOP will then pave the way for more products and vendors to be showcased on the site, not just fashion-based products but all types of products sold by proudly Australian business-based vendors and the most popular brands in the world.   

Furthermore LTA is committed to its ever growing status as a first rate provider of locally sourced products, may they be within Australia, or in other countries. We’ve committed ourselves to fully promote high quality products by small businesses towards the global market. As such, we will continue to grow our eCommerce business by including global vendors with top quality products, and continue to support these vendors through LTMAGZ’s promotional activities and VSP’s vendor assistance programs. All these is to achieve our final goal which is to enrich our customers with products that enhance their quality of life.