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Australian Clothing Brands | Best Affordable Local Clothing Brands

by Editorial Staff 26 Oct 2022

Author: Mike Ayeni

Australian Clothing Brands

For all our fashionistas seeking high-quality, local clothing brands, we have great news! We have put together the most current collection of fashion-forward Australian clothing labels that produce top-quality apparel using environmentally friendly production techniques. Local Threads has extensively reviewed the Australian fashion brands that are flourishing in the field of sustainable fashion while prioritising style, comfort, and, of course, affordability. Find them listed below!

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Would you like to shop with local clothing brands in Australia?

We have got you covered! You can shop at Local Threads for more than 150 high-end Australian clothing brands and more than 6000 different products! To help you get started, we've put up a list of some of our brands:

Check Out the Top 10 Local Fashion Brands in Australia

A collection based in Australia, “Love and Light” is known for and specializes in hand-knit and crochet patterns. This collection presents a novel take on the classic pairing of knit and crochet garment structures, with designs that were inspired by both contemporary and historical examples of popular culture. The use of bright colours and a tinge of bohemian flare in the design gives each item its one-of-a-kind appearance. You can find these garments listed for purchase at Local Threads AU.

All of Caye's collections, which can be purchased at, are handcrafted using high-quality materials, which further exemplifies their overarching mission, which is to pay attention to the details. The mission of The Caye Brand is to make a positive impact on people's life by enhancing their appearance, mood, and behaviour via the sale of high-quality items at affordable costs.

The luxury street style label, Satin & Saint, was established in December 2017 in the city of Melbourne, Australia. The company draws inspiration from the streetwear of the United Kingdom and Europe and is moving to establish itself as a boutique label as the vanguard of modern street fashion and to continually lead the way in terms of trendsetting for global streetwear. The mission of the brand is to provide you with a distinguishable brand of high-quality apparel that is in contrast to what is already available on the market. Shop their lovely pieces at Local Threads. 

ILEANA is all about the tropics, light fabrics, and forms, drawing inspiration from Sri Lanka, the jewel of the Indian Ocean, and the beaches of Queensland. The distinctive look of ILEANA combines casual basics with design-driven casual clothing, with a focus on showcasing natural beauty via effortlessly stylish, cool, and modern designs. Find their designs on Local Threads AU.

Destii produces clothing that is made from premium materials creating classic, timeless designs to provide clothes that stand the test of time. Tops made from linen, which is thought to be the world's most durable natural fibre, are made to last you through multiple seasons. Their objective is to make clothing that becomes better with wear. Shop at Local Threads AU.

Cazinc The Label is a Melbourne-based sustainable designer label that satisfies modern women's needs for a functional yet stylish wardrobe. Caz Rowland, the company's creator, set out to create wearable clothing when it was established in 2018 with the goal of making simple, stylish designs. The Label provides busy women with a stress-free way to buy long-lasting, multifunctional clothing. Shop at Local Threads Australia.


Since its inception in 2008, DVNT has spent the past ten years growing a loyal following and solidifying its position in the global streetwear scene. DVNT, a distinctive and cutting-edge approach to fashion design inspired by several subcultures, including music and art, is a component of the countercultural movement. The Molotov logo was created to be a representation of freedom and liberation as well as to convey their desire to create an original product that stands out from the other weary and well-known brands. Find them listed at Local Threads AU.

2018 saw the launch of Evolve Apparel in Melbourne, Australia. With the objective of being one of the market's most adaptable sportswear brands, one that combines design and utility to offer consumers the confidence that comes from knowing they look great while also helping them reach their fitness goals. The brand's objective, which is to always evolve by being better, stronger, and better at what they do, is wonderfully encapsulated in the name. Shop at Local Threads AU.

Since December 2017, AYLESBURY (pronounced AYLZ - BREE) has been creating the most authentic designs at its headquarters in Adelaide, Australia. Aylesbury is a brand that is well known for its adaptability, and its goal is to accommodate the requirements of everyone, creating stylish and comfortable fashion for the street, the gym, or the high life. Shop at Local Threads AU.

Rusty, listed on Local Threads AU, has its corporate headquarters in Perth, Western Australia, and has continued to uphold its reputation as an authentic brand for more than three decades. The company's mission is to deliver the highest calibre coastal surfboards, apparel, and accessories to customers worldwide.

The Rushing Hour, an Australian clothing brand committed to both innovation and care for people, sees "Good Design" as the creation of high-quality clothes that can be worn year-round using transparent, ecologically friendly processes. This comprises businesses that uphold moral principles and manage the complete circular process, from material cultivation to yarn manufacture to final product recycling. They can be found on Local Threads, and are steadfastly dedicated to offering products that are not only visually beautiful but also socially and environmentally responsible.

Where To BUY Australian Clothing Brands is the most comprehensive directory of Australian clothing brands, and it's where you'll find the top sustainable fashion brands. Local Threads is the largest market for high-quality clothing, with the most affordable pricing, specializing in selling independent businesses' products. is Australia's largest online store that sells items from a broad selection of high-quality garment brands in categories such as Homewares, Women, Men, and Kids.

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