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Destii Clothing: Top Comfortable Yet Stylish Casual Outfit Ideas for Men

Destii Clothing

Can Style and Comfort Meet?

Relax. It’s time to relax. While relaxing at home though can you remain stylish and comfortable. Can these two meet? Or if you are going to have a long haul flight with a long stop over. Are you going to wear a suit or just a comfortable lounge wear? Probably your answer is the latter. 

If this is the case though, can a modern gentleman stay stylish while waiting for his flight in an airport and wear comfortable casual outfit?

Comfort is Man’s Best Friend

If you ask every man out there, probably 99.9% of men would prefer comfort over style in terms of clothing. Especially in the hot Australian weather, an ordinary Ausie would choose to wear a singlet over a suit. 

Comfort is man’s best friend. But here’s the deal! There are rules for comfy outfits as to where you can wear them. There are comfortable shirts that you can wear at airport lounges or a beach front. But there are also outfits that you can only wear at home. Let’s be clear, pajamas are not loungewear.. 

So, which loungewears can you take with you on your next destination.  

Packing Casual Wear for Your Next Destination

Make sure you pack your comfortable stylish casual outfit when going on a vacation trip. Here are some essentials that you need on your next trip to the beach or next trip abroad.

  1. Linen Shorts. Stick to the basics and go for comfortable linen shorts. Pack at least 3 shorts for a long trip. You can mix and match these with hoodies, v-necks or linen polo shirts as well. 

  2. Natural Short Sleeve Linen Shirt. During the summer, these are your perfect tops. They are comfortable and yet stylish. They are highly breathable. Pro Tip: Buy natural colored tone shirts to make your look classic and timeless.

  3. Modern Sweatpants. There are modern sweatpants that flatter your silhouette. Selecting this as your loungewear pants is the perfect balance between style and comfort. Get those modern sweatpants with the tapered leg. Safe colors are blue or light grey.

Sustainable, Environmentally Friendly and Timeless

The modern man can pull off casual comfy wear with style. There are tons of available options for sustainable fashion men’s loungewear from Destii Clothing to choose from. Choose your perfect Destii Clothing for your next destination. is one of Australia's best online stores offering over 30,000 products
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