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Pro Tip: A Guide to Sustainable Clothing by Bell Bloom Clothing at Any Age

Belle Bloom Clothing

Going Sustainable with Your Fashion Sense

If you have not heard of sustainable fashion or have only heard it for the first time, you should be thinking about going sustainable already. Sustainable and ethical fashion has been in the fashion mainstream in  Australia for quite a few years already. It has taken flight, especially during the pandemic when people have realized that it is best to go back to the essentials and buy more sustainable products rather than fast fashion. 

In the fashion world, ethical and sustainable fashion has already been in the first page of the news. Big brands and well-known brands now turn to more ethical sources instead of maximizing their profits. They have been more conscious of where the products are made, if ethical standards are practiced during production and if the products are sustainable.

Local Australian brands have also gone ethical. Some brands include: Belle and Bloom, Rusty

Saint Rose, Sorella Organics, Kenny Parker Label, La Enviro, ORTC Clothing Co., and Jackie Mack, These are ethical brands.

Pro Tip: Buy Sustainable Clothing

LocalThreads have a collection of sustainable fashion and accessories. They have over 150 brands and 30,000 products available online. You can choose from swimwear to night dresses. You can buy sustainable caps and face masks. You can even buy ethically produced accessories. 

Sustainable Clothing Goes a Long Way

If you think sustainable clothing is not a good investment as compared to FAST fashion products, you are wrong. Although fast fashion is a bit cheaper than sustainable fashion, sustainable fashion brands are the better choice. Clothes from Belle and Bloom, Rusty, and Saint Rose will last longer than other brands which are made from cheaper materials. Belle Bloom Clothing line for example has better quality and a better fashion sense. 

For example, their Carlisle Button Front Trench Coat is perfect as a windbreaker or as a resin jacket and not just as protection from the cold of winter. Belle and Bloom trench coats are lighter than other coats which makes them your main cover coat for the cold of the night. 

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LocalThreads offer free shipping on all purchases without a minimum purchase requirement. All items purchased through this store immediately qualify you to free shipping. is one of Australia's best online stores offering over 30,000 products
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