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BEST Alternative Women's Clothing Stores Australia, Women's Alternative Fashion

by Editorial Staff 14 Sep 2022

Author: Zenda Nel

Women's Alternative Clothing Stores Australia

Alternative fashion is spawned by subcultures that reject mainstream habits, perspectives and ways of being. Alternative fashion gives people who do not want to conform to the mainstream, an alternative way to express their individuality. 

You can state your stance in a dramatic Goth outfit, or in a simple minimalistic outfit; a raunchy Steampunk skirt, or a flowing Boho-chic outfit. If you are a rebel who loves alternative fashion, whether it's Goth, Hipster, Grunge, Punk, Emo, E-Boys & E-Girls, Kawaii, or any other style, we can point you in the right direction to find your next great alternative fashion piece in a clothing store in Australia.

Local Threads

For independent women looking for unique garments that express their individuality, Local Threads is the place to go. Local Threads has the largest listing of independent and ethical Australian clothing brands for men and women. On the Local Threads platform, women can shop for fashion items from more than 150 sustainable and ethical local fashion brands, including well-known labels like Siant Rose, Belle & Bloom, and ORTC.

OtherWorld Fashion

Located in Queensland Australia, OtherWorld Fashion is an Australian fashion brand that caters to lovers of alternative fashion. The brand invites customers to explore new realms in alternative fashion that can express any look they prefer, including dark, sexy, mysterious, retro, or playful. Their clothes are true to the company name: they transport their wearers to another world.

The multi-layered skirts in black lace are to die for and the studded and belted corsets lend an air of power to sexy corsets. 

Buying a Druid of the moon coat or a Queen of the night dress, is a lifetime investment, not a frivolous spend. 

And for the complete look, you can indulge in the most sumptuous accessories like Vampire Countess Claws, a Haunted Shrug, Halloween Skull Leggings, or a Collar Necklace. 

OtherWorld Fashion sources the top alternative fashion brands from all over the world, including Punk Rave, which is a forerunner in creative, edgy, and alternative fashion. Other brands include Devil Fashion, Spiral Direct, Demonia, Funtasma, and Heart & Roses London.

Suicide Glam Australia

Based in Toukley, New South Wales, Suicide Glam Australia is home to all types of alternative apparel including Goth, Rock and Metal clothing, shoes, jewelery, and accessories. The name Suicide Glam takes in aspects like "Retro Glam" and "Vintage Glam" styles and the phrase "social suicide" that may result from dressing in alternative ways.

Suicide Glam Australia supports the notion of alternative beauty with clothing from leading international brands, including Restyle, Hell Bunny, and Banned Apparel.

To spruce up any outfit in an instant invest in one of Kreepsville 666 range of capes. You can choose from the Bat Web Cape, the Glamour Ghoul, the Devil Disguise, or the Spiderweb Mesh, all creepy but beautiful.


If you are into alternative fashion, there is a whole new world waiting for you at Beserk. Based in Windsor in Brisbane, Queensland, Beserk has an enormous range of alternative clothing styles, cosmetics, makeup, hair products and accessories.

Beserk is Australia's oldest and largest online store for gothic clothing. This is a one-stop shop for everything Goth, you can buy a complete Goth outfit that really expresses your alternative stance.

Beserk sources its alternative clothing collections from all around the globe to bring the best in alternative fashion and lifestyle products to its customers. The company prides itself in only selling officially licensed & 100% genuine products held in a warehouse, stating emphatically on its website that it's not a drop-shipping company.

The extensive range of around fifty brands includes Killstar, Foxblood, Hell Bunny, Restyle, Demonia, Punk Rave, Banned Apparel, and many more. 

The range of stunning boots and shoes is truly astounding and features skyscraper platforms and vegan options. Whether you're into Gothic, Steampunk, Pastel Goth, Roller Daerby, or Pin Up Clothing, Beserks has every item you need to create a complete look.

Photo by calicadoo on Unsplash


Immoral is another Australian clothing store where you can shop for big black boots to accentuate your darker side. Immoral stocks women’s Gothic and Alternative clothing from the world's top brands, including Spiral, Punk Rave, Demonia, and Queen of Darkness.  

Look out for their Ritual Women’s Hooded Robe Coat by Punk Rave for a dramatic look. Actually, it's impossible to choose from their range of black Punk Rave dresses, they are all so stunning. Their range of jewelry perfectly complements dressing for dramatic effect.

Immoral also offers a choice of accessories like belts, harnesses, chockers, masks, studded wristbands, bracelets, gloves, hats, and headwear in stunning originality.

Tragic Beautiful

Tragic Beautiful was established as a gothic retailer in 2006 and is a sustainable fashion brand. The company offers carefully created alternative and gothic style fashion items to satisfy customers' tastes in alternative fashion styles. They sell clothing, shoes, jewelry, lingerie, makeup, hair dye, boots, and accessories to help customers complete their look of choice.

Tragic Beautiful carries a large number of top designers and brands, including Demonia, Punk Rave,  Current Mood, Arctic Fox, Killstar, Disturbia, Sourpuss, Restyle, Lime Crime, Blackcraft, Too Fast, and many more. The company is also developing its own range of ethical and sustainable fashion and body products. Tragic Beauty supports smaller independent designers and works with local independent businesses.

Their other claim to fame is their devotion to witchcraft, to which a huge range of witchcraft goods and supplies like cauldrons, spell books, spell candles, incense, altar cloths hand-blended spell and magic components attest.

The Noctura cloak by Punk Rave and the Fortune Teller Hoodie by Restyle are my favorites. And check out their range of gloves, chockers, corsets, and alternative bags and wallets. 


Established in Melbourne in 1986, Dangerfield is an alternative Australian fashion label influenced by youth culture. Blending vintage vibes with street style, the Melbourne fashion brand takes from themes like Harry Potter, Star Wars, anime, dinosaurs, and beloved movies to create clothing and accessories that thrill the eternal child within.

The ultra-clean look of gingham features prominently as do Tartan prints on T-shirts and denim.

Off Ya Tree

Off Ya Tree has over 20 stores across Australia that support the alternative lifestyle. Off Ya Tree offers customers alternative clothing, accessories, jewellery, and body jewellery to complement its body modification offerings. The brand offers everything alternative folks need to create a complete look that expresses their individuality. 

Off Ya Tree is big on community. The brand has entered into agreements with The Thin Green Line and FareShare to give customers the opportunity to contribute to the environment and the community through their purchases.

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