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Australian Sustainable Clothing Brands, Top 10 Affordable Ethical Brands in Australia

by Editorial Staff 14 Sep 2022

Author: Mike Ayeni

Sustainable Australian Clothing Brands

If you’re a sustainability-conscious fashion lover looking to support high-quality Australian fashion brands known for sustainability and affordability, you have clicked on the right link! Shopping for a brand new outfit can be such a great feeling in the short term, but the long-term implications are considerably more significant. The fashion sector is responsible for one of the greatest rates of pollution of any other business; in fact, Australians throw away more than 6,000 kilos of textiles into landfills every ten minutes. So we completely understand why you’re concerned and good news! We have the solution!

Local Threads is home to the latest listing of innovative, local Australian clothing brands that create high-quality garments using sustainable manufacturing practices. And although you may believe that more sustainable actions would result in greater manufacturing costs and, as a consequence, higher shelf costs, we looked into the fashion brands and businesses who are succeeding in the field of sustainable fashion while prioritizing affordability and comfort.

Would you like to shop with sustainable clothing brands in Australia?

If your answer is yes, we have awesome news! Local Threads has more than 150 premium quality clothing brands for you to shop at, with over 6000 product options to choose from! We’ve put together a list of some of our brands to help you get started!

Check Out the Top 10 Affordable Ethical Brands in Australia

ILEANA is all about the tropics, breezy materials, and shapes, with inspiration drawn from the Queensland beaches and Sri Lanka, the gem of the Indian Ocean! ILEANA's unique style blends easygoing basic items and design-focused occasional wear with an emphasis on highlighting natural beauty via easily cool designs that are clean, smart, and current. Using small-scale production and environmentally friendly natural textiles to create their products, here in Brisbane, Australia they produce only what is needed and prevent extra stock from going to waste. The mission of ILEANA is to continually strive to make sustainable decisions and to build with the environment in mind. Shop ILEANA at Local Threads Australia.

Sorella Organics is an Australian independent label that creates sleepwear and loungewear for men, women, pregnant women, and now babies. They source the softest certified organic and fair trade cotton to make sure that each piece is gentle on the skin, gentle on the environment, and gentle on the farmers who grow the cotton. In addition, Sorella Organics is proudly a vegan company; they never use any items derived from animals, and their production method in no way threatens the life of any animals. Find their pieces at Local Threads AU.

On a quest to redesign waste materials into circularly designed, functional fashion accessories, and keep trash out of landfills, their recycled leather products provide women with the opportunity to express their style by upcycling, restyling, and wearing their accessories in any way they see fit. The Elsewhere supports Greening Australia's mission to restore vegetation throughout Australian landscapes by donating $1 from each sale as proponents of regenerative fashion. They can be found on Local Threads AU.

All of Caye’s goods, available at, are handmade with premium materials, further illustrating their collective purpose, a focus on the details. The Brand of Caye strives to offer high-quality goods at competitive prices, and improve people's lives in terms of how they feel, look, and act. 

Destii aims to create clothing that endures the test of time, producing apparel that is crafted from high-quality fabrics and features timeless, traditional styles. Using linen, which is considered as the world's toughest natural fibre, the make tops that can last you several seasons. Their goal is to create apparel that improves with use. Shop from Local Threads Australia. You can shop from Local Threads AU.

Cazinc The Label is a Melbourne sustainable designer brand that meets the demands of the contemporary lady for a practical yet fashionable wardrobe. When the company was founded in 2018, its founder Caz Rowland set out to produce wearable outfits that would make preparing for simple fashions simple. The Label offers busy ladies a soothing option to purchase durable, multipurpose apparel. Shop from Local Threads AU.

Dedicated to innovation and humanity, making excellent clothing that lasts season after season with a sustainable and transparent approach and ethical factories that take care of the complete circular process from growing to yarn, through production to recycling is what The Rushing Hour considers to be "Good Design," not fashion that is changed every season. They are committed to creating items that are both attractive and sustainable and that also give back to society. Find their pieces on Local Threads AU.

Built on ethical and sustainable principles, Lanikai’s philosophy seeks to reduce the company’s environmental impact by producing ethical fashion that benefits both people and the environment. Lanikai designs ethical swimwear that doesn't sacrifice style, usefulness, or quality. Shop Lanikai at Local Threads Australia!

This company strives to push the boundaries of design and manufacturing innovations in order to make sure that every new product is more ethically and sustainably produced than the one before it. Tri Colour Federation will put up a lot of effort to enhance the fabrics it uses. The factory's decisions and engineering practices, which start with the resources that are sourced and continue through manufacture, are targeted at minimizing pollution and total waste. Find them on Local Threads AU!

In order to offer people the confidence that they look beautiful while also assisting them in achieving their own fitness objectives, one of the most diversified sustainable sportswear brands on the market was created. EVOLVE works hard to become better, and to keep creating the best clothing possible so that people may perform at their best while looking nice and feeling confident. Shop from EVOLVE at Local Threads AU.

Seapia is a company that values the environment and celebrates beauty in all its forms. a challenging combo to execute properly. Econyl® is a lovely fabric that Seapia employ. It is made from pre- and post-consumer plastics, which would otherwise end up in landfills. First, a new polymer is created, and then fresh yarn is created, which is perfect for making high-performance textiles. Seapia can be shopped at Local Threads Australia.

Where To BUY Sustainable Clothing Brands in Australia

Find the best sustainable fashion brands at, the largest directory of sustainable Australian clothing brands! Local Threads is the biggest market for high-quality garments, from independent brands at the most affordable prices., is the largest online store for products from a wide variety of high-quality apparel brands in categories including Homewares, Women, Men, and Kids.

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