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Sports Clothing: Women's Activewear and Sportswear Online Australia

by Editorial Staff 13 Sep 2022

Author: Mike Ayeni

Women's Activewear and Sportswear Australia

Today, the distinction between fitness and fashion is blurred; athleisure is becoming a legitimate category that encompasses more than just athletic gear. Because of this, the top sportswear companies are those who can discover the ideal balance between fashion and function.

Brands are deciding to adopt a more environmentally friendly strategy as a result of the growth of sustainable innovation in the fashion sector. For instance, Econyl, a popular material for activewear, is created from recycled nylon, such as carpet and recycled fishing nets. The characteristics of Econyl are quite similar to those of virgin nylon, and it is also widely used in the swimsuit industry.

Australia, a country known for its love of sports, is blessed with a wealth of domestic and foreign athleisure brands.

Knowing where to begin might be challenging.

This is a list of Australian sportswear brands you need to know.

Best Top 10 Women's Activewear Brands Australia

     1. Active Apostle

Recall how we talked about Econyl? Well, thanks to Active Apostle, this is how fantastic repurposed sportswear can look!

Active Apostle is quickly growing to be a popular alternative for athletes who want to wear flexible and lightweight fabrics during their workouts because it offers options for both men and women. The company participates in the #whomademyclothes campaigns, and all of its goods are ethically produced in Bali.

Visit Active Apostle to add a new essential to your activewear collection.

     2. Pinky & Kamal

Pinky & Kamal, a Melbourne-based company, assists today's active women in creating classic looks that can be worn outside of the yoga studio. The brand, which was influenced by the yogie way of life, holds that everyone has a duty to produce, consume, and live in a conscious manner.

Every item is manufactured with environmentally friendly organic fibres and is ageless in style.

Find out more about their thoughtful selection of leggings, tees, knitwear, shorts, and much more right away!

     3. WPN

The WPN brand is synonymous with ethical activewear. Each product is proudly produced in a WRAP-accredited facility, which attests to the factory's adherence to legal requirements, respect for its employees' rights, and commitment to reducing its environmental impact. These are fundamental human rights that Australians can take for granted.

Go to the gym or out for coffee with this brand if you enjoy technical sportswear that easily translates to everyday life. WPN's selection of men's activewear will help you be prepared for anything life may bring you!

     4. Boody

Boody is an Australian company that produces ethically-minded fitness and loungewear. Its gorgeous, reasonably priced, and environmentally friendly sportswear, produced in Australia, is made from bamboo viscose.

Boody wants to provide comfortable clothing that you can feel good about wearing. For women, men, and children, it offers briefs. bras, bikinis, thongs, essentials, activewear, loungewear, and accessories.

With the WRAP certification, the brand guarantees legal, compassionate, and moral working conditions. Additionally, every piece of bamboo used in its production chain originates from sustainable forests with FSC certification.

     5. Well Made Clothes

Australian fashion brands are curated by Well Made Clothes based on their ethical sourcing. It offers both male and female activewear that is  ethical,  sustainable, and local

The Australian online store wants to provide stylish, comfortable, and safe clothing for both people and the environment. It showcases ethical manufacturers and designers who cut waste by using sustainable, ethical, and humane methods of production. You may learn more about the fashion business and ethical labelling at Well Made Clothes. It provides you with all the information you require to make wise purchasing choices.

     6. Remmie by Riley

Riley Hemson, a curvy influencer, founded the REMMIE activewear line because she wanted to have a selection of fashionable items she could wear from the gym to lunch and on other occasions. This is the store to visit if you're seeking a stylish matching workout outfit.

     7. Nimble

NIMBLE is a women's high-performance activewear line made using eco-friendly materials. It provides a high-end selection of women's leggings, tees, tanks, shorts, pants, tights, sports bras, and outerwear.

The brand promises mobility and maximum flexibility, along with support in all the appropriate areas. Your new go-to for intense workouts at the gym, pilates, yoga, runs, and even on days off will be its line of ethical sportswear.

NIMBLE is committed to sustainability and always exploring innovative strategies to lessen its environmental effect. It makes its sportswear in Taiwan using recycled plastic bottles after designing it in Australia.

     8. Best and Less

Prices start at $8, yup, $8!

Are you looking for reasonably priced sportswear in straightforward designs, Best & Less is a fantastic choice.  Best & Less is a wonderful choice if you're searching for comfort and convenience even though there aren't any bells and whistles like compressions,  pockets,  zips, or fancy stuff because of the lower price range.

     9. MAD Active

One of the more recent arrivals on the scene, MAD Active is run by two fearless female businesswomen who won't let up until every Australian is sporting MAD Active! They are based in Melbourne and wish to make inexpensive sustainable activewear more widely available.

They use recycled polyester and plastic bottles to create their lovely line. Every item of activewear from MAD Active contributes to the effort to keep plastic out of our landfills because the fashion industry has a huge waste problem. This firm is dedicated to keeping its items as accessible as possible and believes that the best activewear should not be pricey.

Despite being a small group, they have enormous hearts and even bigger dreams! Shop their selection of leggings, crops, lounge-wear and shorts

     10. The Ten Active

The Ten Active Active wear is for everyone, and we appreciate their selection of pregnancy active-wear! Each item has a custom, lovely design that complements its functionality and ability to change with your body.

Focus on sportswear that is designed to meet your individual demands because comfort and support are vital. Every product is created in Brisbane by a mother of three who only wears sportswear when at work. You can understand how a mother could only design such meticulousness when you try on the leggings or one of their sports bras.

During pregnancy, you can continue to live in your active-wear. Find smartly designed tees, tanks, sports bras, and leggings right away!

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