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Local Threads
Local Threads

Womens Scarves, Gloves & Socks

Local Threads Has The Best Scarves And Gloves For You.

We are particular about environmentally friendly products. This informs our choice of brand partners. Each scarf or glove in our store is eco-friendly and sustainable. They are made of the finest quality, being supplied by notable Australian fashion brands. Some of which are; Zoha Online, Belle and Bloom,Boardsox, Luna and The Sun Label, among others. 

These brands are experienced and can be trusted. Our gloves and socks are made of wool primarily, some scarves are silk, chiffon or cotton.

Our collection of scarves and gloves consists of different designs and prints. Some of this classic styles are

  • Jan Printed Belt/Jair Scarf by Joha Online

It is a unique accessory. It is versatile in that it can be used as a hair scarf and also as a belt.

  • Luxury Multi-purpose Breastfeeding Scarf by Luna and The Sun Label

The amazing thing about this accessory is that it is multifunctional. It can be used as a normal scarf, but the main function is that it is a great breast-feeding cover. It is soft and comfortable for you and your baby.

  • Keystone Plaid Scarf by Belle and Bloom

It has a mature print. It can be suitable with a casual outfit. It is also perfect for the cold.

  • Kala Cotton Rib Scarf by Cloth and Co

This scarf is made of cotton which makes it really comfortable.

  • Classic Socks Box by ORTC

If you are looking for color, creativity and prints, then you should go for this sock box by ORTC. It comes in other variants too.

  • The Mandara Surfboard Socks by BoardSox

The Mandira Surfboard Socks is perfect for that sporty woman. If you are the type to let your hair down and throw yourself to the wind, then this is for you and for your board. It is also a great gift for your beach buddy. 

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