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Womens Masks

Women’s Masks in Australia

In light of the emerging COVID-19 variations, regularly altering guidelines, and fluctuating local transmission and immunization rates, it could be helpful to keep a supply of masks on hand. 

However, depending on the circumstance, reusable fabric masks with built-in filters can, as long as they fit right, block particles nearly as well as medical-grade masks.

It is on this science that we have built our masks, not only to protect your health but also to make you look good at it while you do.

Important Features Of Our FaceMasks

  • They are reusable

Unlike medical-grade masks, these masks can be sterilized and reused. This saves you cost and is easy to maintain.

  • It has a filter for microbes

One or two layers of cloth cannot effectively trap microscopic particles or stop them from contacting your nose. Therefore, we incorporated a filter to clean the air that goes through the mask.

  • It has a nose bridge wire

The wire integrated into the masks helps prevent droplets from entering and exiting your nose along its sides. The wire helps you secure the mask firmly around your nose and mouth to protect the respiratory canal in the long run.

  • The ear loops should be adjustable 

The loops of the mask are adjustable to help it sit comfortably around the sides and bottom of your face. So, it depends on you how free or how firm it will be.

  • They are antibacterial masks

Our masks are antibacterial. For example, the reusable masks by Kenny Parker Label are made with silver ion-infused cotton to provide germ-eliminating, antimicrobial properties.

  • They are available in different colors 

Our masks do two things for our customers; protect their health and make them look good while at it. Women are naturally disposed to colors, so our masks are available in different colors and prints. 

  • They are affordable 

In accordance with our policy to bring you the best deals, our masks are super affordable. They are quality and definitely worth your money.

  • You enjoy free shipping nationwide 

When you buy a mask from us. You enjoy free shipping in and around Australia. It is just our little way of saying thank you.

We hope that the reasons above are enough for you to get one from our labels. is one of Australia's best online stores offering over 30,000 products
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