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Mens Ties & Bows

A Tie Vs A Bow

Depending on the length, a tie can be a necktie or a bow tie. You can wear both around your neck, and they are made of fabric. You can wear them to formal events or in a business setting. They usually have different designs and shapes.

A Tie/Neck Tie

A necktie is a thin, long piece of fabric worn around the neck and knotted just below the throat. It should not be too long, reaching the waist. Neckties are typically worn to highlight a suit. It also comes in a variety of patterns, fabrics, and lengths. Additionally, there are unique ways to tie a necktie, such as the Pratt, Half-Windsor, and Windsor knots.

A Bow Tie

Bow ties are short pieces of fabric wrapped around the collar in a center knot with two symmetrical loops forming at the sides. It is typically a necktie that has a ribbon shape. We have bow ties available in various styles; some are pre-tied and clip-on, which are attached to the collar, while others are tied on the neck.

Difference Between The Two

The primary distinction between the types of ties is their length. Typically, a necktie is longer than a bow tie. While a bow tie is just a tie fastened on the collar, it is worn at a right angle just above the waist. 

Most men prefer wearing a bow tie over the usual long necktie. It is because neckties have a lower chance of getting stained or being caught in a piece of machinery. Also, when outdoors, there is a high chance that the lower part will keep flying around. Sometimes, it can really be in your face and can be a very distracting part of the tie.

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