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Mens Underwear

The Underwear Guide For Every Man

Do you know that there are more underwear options than the classic white brief for you? Yes, no one sees your underpants, but it doesn't mean it should be boring down there. You should learn to explore new options and see how they feel. To help your newly found resolution, we compiled a concise underwear guide for you. It will give you insights into what to buy and how to style them relating to your outfit for any occasion.

Essential Underwear Types In Your Wardrobe

Below is a list of the types of underwear you should have in your closet.


A square-cut silhouette and shorter legs distinguish trunk-type underwear from boxer briefs. They typically fit closely to the body and go well with just about anything.


This traditional, timeless style is designed for your comfort and support. A brief's front leaves your upper thigh exposed while the back has complete coverage. Contrary to popular opinion, briefs come in fashionable designs and hues as well.

Boxer Short

Wearing boxer underwear gives you easy mobility. It is due to their larger legs and a relaxed or tailored fit. Wearing them allows you to breathe well and gives more air coverage in that area. You can wear them beneath any outfit; jeans, dress pants, cargo pants, work pants, etc.

Boxer Brief

The boxer brief is a hybrid between a brief and a boxer; it has the long leg of a boxer and the slim fit of a brief. Its look is highly adaptable and may be worn beneath jeans, dress pants, or even athletic wear.


Jockstraps give you support and protection during high-impact sports. They have complete frontal coverage and only fair back coverage. The underwear has two-leg straps that extend to your rear for more support. It is perfect for workout clothes, sports with friends, etc.

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