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How do I Find The Right Women's Wallets For My Bag?

Women's Wallets

Looking for the best wallet that compliments your bag? 

For men, it is easy to buy a wallet. Practically any wallet would fit their needs. They just put their cards in, their cash, some calling cards and they are all good to go. Most men do not care about having their wallets match their bags or outfits. It’s the functionality that matters more for men.

But for women like us, not only should we choose the perfect wallet, we have to make sure that they complement our bag. Our wallet speaks about our personality, our character and our fashion sense.

Does that make sense?  

So, choose a wallet that is perfect for your needs, your style and your preference. 

Why Should I Buy a Pleather Wallet?

Most popular wallets are made of animal leather and this is not good for the environment. Supporting companies that manufacture leather wallets is now a thing of the past. What you should be buying are pleather wallets which look like leather wallets. 

They are even more durable than leather wallets. Another reason why you should buy them instead of leather wallets. Not all wallets are created equal and pleather wallets are much better when it comes to fashion sense for women. 

Sustainable women’s wallets are now more fashionable than ever. Take for example this Passport Cover and Card Wallet by The Elsewhere Co. This is one of the best sellers in Local Threads because it is not just designed for the active women but it is stylish, functional and sustainable. You can pair it up with any bag. 

What Type of Wallet Should I get?

There are different types of wallets to choose from. There is the Bi-fold wallet, the clutch and the ID wallet. My advice is you should have one of each. As smartphones get bigger, and smartwatches get more advanced, you should be ready to pick up any type of wallet at home for different occasions. If you need to place your smartphone, use the clutch. If you want to travel lighter, pick up the ID wallet

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