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Local Threads
Local Threads

Independent Clothing Brands Australia

Independent Clothing Brands Australia

In a bid to connect local fashion retailers with potential customers, Local Threads operates an online e-commerce fashion store. We are an ethical and sustainable fashion brand. Our products include tops, dresses, pants, jackets, swimwear, gloves, scarves, socks, wristwatches, bags, headphones, bracelets, rings, and more for men and women.

We have over 30,000 fashion items in stock. They are categorized into different sections for men's and women's clothing and accessories. All our items are sustainable, stylish, and quite affordable.

Local Threads and Independent Brands 

Our brand partners are 150+ fashion businesses, and we bring you quality clothing and accessories for men and women at unbeatable rates.

These brands are also independent.

Independent brands are autonomous, stand-alone businesses that utilize their names, logos, and wordmarks. They function independently or in a semi-autonomous manner and reflect a relationship with the primary brand. They operate under the Local Threads umbrella, but activities like sales and promotion still go on independently. 

They are sustainable fashion brands that produce environmentally conscious products.

For example; Belle and Bloom is one such vendor. Though they operate under Here are some of our products categories and some brands 

Benefits Of Shopping With Us

  • All our items are eco-friendly and slow fashion- this is safer and healthier for humans and the earth

  • We have affordable offers on each item sold on our website. Each item is credible and our brands have proven to be the best.

  • We also offer free delivery within Australia on any purchased item. Deliveries outside Australia attract a small token.

We have created a platform that allows you to shop with freedom. All our brands share the same values as we do. So, you can trust them. They are reliable and have years of experience in green fashion. With our clothing, you get to save the earth and look amazing while doing it. 

Enjoy shopping! is one of Australia's best online stores offering over 30,000 products
from 150 high-quality clothing brands across categories like Womens, Mens, Kids, and Homewares.
Shop Sustainable and Ethical clothes from independent, good-quality clothing brands.
Best Prices • Free Delivery • Ethical & Sustainable • Australian-Owned