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What Type of Handbags Should I Be Getting?

Bags are a necessary piece of accessory, especially in a woman’s wardrobe. Some men can make do without handbags but women, not so much.

You’re looking to get a new bag and wondering what kind of bag you should get? When next you’re shopping for your bags, you should mainly consider the following:


The first question you should ask yourself is “What do I want to use this bag for?”. These are a few examples of bags and their functionality.

-Tote bags

Totes are big open bags, with two handles, usually without zippers, and made with leather or fabric. They have more space than a regular bag and have more room for way more than your essentials.

We would recommend Bliss Tote Bags and the Mantua X Luna And Son as they have enough space, yet beautiful!

-Mini Bags

These cute miniature bags are perfect for outings. They are used more for fashion statements because, except for your house keys, purse, and maybe a tube of lip gloss, they cannot carry a lot. Little Victories Mini Bags are a perfect addition to your outfits.

-Cross-body bags

These bags are fashionable, yet practical as they are perfectly sized and allow you to carry more than your necessary items. They typically have long shoulder straps that should be worn diagonally across the body.


They may not seem as fashionable as other types of bags. But, if they are your thing, you can definitely rock it, depending on the type you get. 5th Avenue and Camila Leather are perfect examples of fashionable backpacks.

Quality and Durability

One of the most popular bag myths out there is that only really expensive bags have great quality. You don’t have to break the bank to get quality bags, you can get the best prices from Australian-owned brands.

 Another question you should ask yourself is “How long can I use this bag?”. Bags with greater quality, have better durability and can be used for longer, saving you money.

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