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What are Men’s Singlets and When, Why and How Should You Wear Them?

Men's Singlets

Summer is just around the corner. You can keep those trench coats, hoodies and jackets in your closets. Summer is the season when we are excused to wear singlets or tank tops. For us Australians, we know what singlets are but for the worldwide reader, singlets are also known as tank tops or vests. 

In Australia, wearing singlets is part of our fashion life. Everyone is practically ‘licensed’ to wear them as the summer months come. But are you wearing them without looking like white trash?

Singlets for Men: A Main Stream Fashion Statement

From the fashion statement point of view, men's singlets have moved into the mainstream and are not considered a piece of underwear anymore. It has reinvented itself from a piece of underwear into an acceptable casual attire. 

But before you protest, there are certain rules that apply on where, when and how to wear singlets this summer season. 

Types of Men's Singlets

There are four major types of singlets available for men to choose from: The Slim fit, 

The Relaxed Fit, Long Line Singlets, Sports inspired singlets. You can choose from these different singlets according to your style and preference but always remember: Fit is king!

How a singlet fits your body type makes it either look good on you or make you look sloppy. So, if you want to make yourself look good on a singlet, do read on. 

Do’s and Don’ts in Wearing Singlets

Whether you are wearing a relaxed fit singlet or a slim fit singlet, again perfect fit is the key to wearing it comfortably and fashionably. There are things that you have to consider doing and not doing when wearing a singlet. 


  • Accessorize with watches, necklaces and bracelets. 

  • Sleeping singlets are only for sleeping and not for daytime use

  • Tone your muscle a bit to make you look better. You will show them off with those singlets.

  • Wear them on the beach and at the park


  • Don’t wear them on special occasions. Even if you are attending weddings at the beach, singlets are not your go-to shirts.

  • Do not wear ill-fitting singlets. These will make you look sloppy.

Brands we Recommend

Local Threads carry sustainable local brands that have men’s singlets in different styles. Some brands we like are the black signature tank top by Caye Collection, Aylesbury’s Signature white tank top. If you are on the muscular side you can singlets from Kenny Parker label or Tri Color Federation. is one of Australia's best online stores offering over 30,000 products
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