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3 Methods That Help Womens Curve Plus Size That You Did Not Know

Women's Curve Plus Size

Plus size is a Plus!

I am a curvy plus-size girl. Plus size is a plus! Most women are plus size and most of us don’t know what we really got and do not maximize our curviness to our full capacity. If you are thinking that most sustainable fashion manufacturers do not care about our sizes, you are wrong. There are a lot of local Australian brands which cater to our needs. 

Here are some methods that will help women like you and me look and feel more fabulous!

Accept your Body Type

It took me some time to accept my body structure. It is normal to be in denial at some point. Embrace your curve. The faster you accept your curve, the more you can learn about your unique body type. Having a great wardrobe is the key to looking fabulous in our body type. Certain outfits will definitely not fit us but those which do fit us, we can strut with confidence. We can only do this if we accept our body type.

Buy Good Underwear

You are considered a plus size if you are a size 8-10 or higher. In department stores, sometimes it begins at size 18. Half of the women population actually wears a size 14 or above which means that half of the women around the world are plus size. 

If you are in this size range, make sure you buy good underwear. Having the correct-sized underwear is the first thing you need to take care of. The first garment that hugs your body will highly impact what you actually wear. If you wear a loose bra, you will have a hard time pulling off a good dress for the night. If you wear uncomfortable granny undies, you will feel uncomfortable all day. 

Having good underwear is key to making yourself feel and look fabulous.

Accessories strategically

Wear statement jewelry on your neck and shoulders that feature your beautiful curve. This accessory can help bring that attention to your collarbone and face. Use wide belts to style you up. A good belt can turn a simple dress into a killer dress flattering your silhouette. Belts can help show off those curves. 

Good accessories will make a big difference in your fashion ensemble. Earrings, bracelets and a well-shaped bag can bring out your best features.

Do not be ashamed of your body type. Every woman has her own body type. Carry it with confidence. Local Threads offer different women’s plus size fashion wear that suits your daily fashion needs. Shop locally now. is one of Australia's best online stores offering over 30,000 products
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