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Local Threads

Womens Belts

Belts; An Essential Accessory in Your Wardrobe 

Belts are a staple in every woman's wardrobe. Whether it is securing a pair of jeans to your waist or giving you that bold stealth look, belts are definitely an important accessory for every woman. 

There are various kinds of belts for women in our accessory selection.  Some are made of leather, metal, twine, fabric, etc. They are strong and durable. They are timeless pieces, remaining relevant to the latest fashion trends. 

Our Belts are Trendy and Chic 

We are very meticulous with our brand partners. We ensure that we have the best brands bringing you the best deals in Australia. Local Threads is the place to shop because it is number one in ethical and sustainable fashion in the country. 

Our brand partners for belts are notable Australian brands; Belle and Bloom, Zoha Online,  Ripe Maternity, Cazinc The Label, to mention a few. These vendors are reliable, with years of experience that can be trusted.

Therefore, our belts are made of the best raw materials and will stand the test of time. 

Designs You Should Try out 

There are quite the number of belts available on our stores

  1. London Fog Leather Waist Belt - This belt was made by our very own Belle and Bloom. It is a classic piece. Try it out with a dress, pants or whatever you want 

  2. Plate Detail Belt by Ripe Maternity - it has a plate just at the center of it. It is beautiful and the right fit for an edgy look. It is great for corporate or semi-formal outfits. You can style it as you desire.  It is also available in different colours.

  3. Luxury Corset Fashion Belt by Cazinc The Label -  if you are looking for that head-turning, showstopper look, then this belt is your best bet. It is made of leather and has a unique cut. The cut of the belt makes it look like a corset when it is tied around the waist. The asymmetrical edges also perfect the look.

These are a few of the creative pieces available for sale to you. Our prices are unbeatable and really affordable. Another sweet thing is that we send your preferred order to you for free. Yes! No shipping cost within Australia. 

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