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Good Quality Clothing Brands Australia, Best Australian Fashion Brands

by Editorial Staff 31 Aug 2022

Author: Zenda Nel

When one thinks of Australian style, words like effortless, unpretentious, adventurous, laid-back, heat, chick, and relaxed come to mind. While it's true that Australians are basically relaxed and unpretentious, they also appreciate beauty and quality. While there's a pronounced sense of ease, there is also a sense of glamour and luxury. 

Although Australia is geographically far removed from the rest of the world, Australian clothing brands are collecting thousands of fans beyond the border, making inroads on the international fashion scene. 

With hundreds of great Australian clothing brands producing stunning apparel for the entire family, it's hard to single out a few for an article like this. Here follows an incomplete list in no particular order of any criteria.


Zimmerman is one of Australia's biggest high-end fashion labels. The label was founded by sisters Nicky and Simone Zimmermann in 1991 and since then the team has built a fiercely loyal following. The outfits are loved for their femininity and flattering designs. Focusing on dress and swimwear, the brand has earned the support of celebrities like Beyonce, Jessica Alba, Kendall Jenner, Kate Hudson the Hadid sisters, and Jessica Biel.

And the word is spreading – 1.5 million followers on Instagram are seeing to that

Cotton On

Founded in 1990, Cotton On has become a huge brand, with a presence in more than 1,500 stores in 22 countries. The Australian clothing label started out as a women’s label but these days you can find menswear and kidswear as well as all manner of accessories.

Cotton On founder, Nigel Austin, started the business with the vision to take the Aussie lifestyle to the rest of the world and he has certainly succeeded in that. Millions of people all over the world are wearing and enjoying the relaxed Cotton On style.

R.M. Williams

There is no talk about Aussie-born brands without mentioning R.M. Williams. Born back in 1932, the brand has fitted the nation out in handcrafted boots and high-quality footwear for almost 100 years.

The price tag is high, but so is the manufacturer's promise: You can do with them what you like, you'll never destroy them. And to this day, each pair is crafted from a single piece of leather and goes through 80 pairs of hands on its way to completion.

Known for its quality footwear, the brand has also earned a reputation for its clothing and accessories.

Photo by Jonathan Borba on Unsplash

Assembly Label

Established in 2011 by Australian fashion designers Damien Horan and Daniel Oliver, Assembly Label is known for well-made clothing made with high-quality materials. The designers' aesthetic is minimalistic and refined.   

If you are fond of a classic look and want quality, this is the brand for you. Both the men's and women's collections use natural fabrics put together in timeless styles. An Assembly Label outfit is an investment that you'll enjoy for years.


You could say HoMie is street-style fashioned from upcycled clothes destined for a landfill, but that would be only half the story. HoMie stands for Homelessness of Melbourne incorporated enterprise. HoMie is a not-for-profit that exists to support young people affected by homelessness or hardship. HoMie gives a 100% of its profits to help homeless young people gain skills, confidence, and experience to prepare them for employment and their future.

If you need some casual clothes and also want to support a cause, buy from HoMie.

Lorna Jane

Australians love to be out in the open running and swimming or in the gym working out. For that, you need good quality activewear. That is what Lorna Jane Clarkson set out to produce when she started Lorna Jane in 1990. Today, Lorna Jane has become a multi-million dollar empire with 134 stores across Australia, New Zealand, the USA, and Singapore.

The Aussie brand has an influencer program that encourages new social influencers, creatives, and athletes to create content on social media to inspire women to get active in good-looking activewear.


SABA is a popular clothing store in Australia. Founded in 1965 by Joseph Saba, the brand is loved for its outstanding tailoring and minimalistic designs that draw inspiration from Australia's vibrant cities and innovative architecture and design.

SABA clothes its customers for every occasion. The Australian fashion brand provides office wear for men and women consisting of shirts, pants, and suiting, and for after hours, a range of classic outfits can be put together with knitwear, basic tees, wrap dresses, vegan leather skirts, polo tops, and chinos. 


Photo by Austin Wade on Unsplash

St. Agni

When you land on the St. Agni website, you know that you have to do with a brand that does not follow the crowd. You are faced with images that convey a craftsman's attention to detail and commitment to quality. A quiet confidence is evident in every piece of clothing.   

Headquartered in Byron Bay, St. Agni was founded by Lara and Matt Fells in 2014. The pair is committed to their 'less is more' philosophy, creating outfits made to last, using only monochrome color palettes, and sustainable fibers.


Aje was founded by best friends Adrian Norris and Edwina Forest in 2008 to bridge the gap between clothes for the beach and clothes suited to nightlife escapades. Their products are described as a mix of essentials and statement pieces. Their style is bold and colorful and is meant to be comfortable and versatile – easy to wear to the beach and easy to dress up for an evening out. Laidback elegance describes their popular look perfectly.

The Australian brand fulfils its social responsibilities by supporting factories to become certified as ethical suppliers. Aje has 18 stores, including 16 in Australia and two in New Zealand.


Bassike (pronounced 'basic') was created by Deborah Sams and Mary Lou Ryan in 2006. Bassike is one of Australia's original sustainable brands. Right from the beginning, the pair chose to create high-quality sustainably-sourced clothes made from organic cotton, working with Australian makers and following responsible business practices.

Bassike produces spring, resort, autumn, and winter collections for men and women. Bassike has eight stores in Australia and is sold in 80 retailers worldwide.

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