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How To Buy Affordable Ethical Clothing Brands Australia

by Editorial Staff 30 Aug 2022

Author: Mike Ayeni

Can you relate to the challenge to find an affordable yet stylish and high-quality fashion line that cares for the environment!? Look no further because LOCAL THREADS AUSTRALIA got you! 

Usually, nice clothing tends to be pricier in fashion and great quality comes at a cost, but it's your lucky day today! Local Thread hosts several creative, smaller Australian companies competing with international designers by offering high-quality apparel with eco-friendly production processes at the most affordable costs.

As a fashion-lover seeking stylish recommendations from independent Australian clothing brands, you will be delighted to know that the largest market for local ethical fashion brands, Local Threads has collated a vast collection of signature Australian brands that combines the 3 core pillars of fashion: Style, Price & Comfort, with ethical production.

The largest ethical fashion marketplace in Australia, Local Threads is happy to collaborate with and feature some of the most well-known independent brands nationwide. To ensure that you always have access to the newest fashion created by local ethical fashion brands that support sustainable practices, we can assure you that each business on this list has through a rigorous screening process.

More than 150 brands and 6000 distinct goods are available at Local Threads, all committed to providing you with ethical fashion options.

Are you looking for affordable ethical clothing brands in Australia?

Calling all fashionistas! Local Threads Australia has compiled a list of high-quality clothing brands in Australia that create the most recent, fabulous fashion trends.

Check Out the Top 10 Affordable Ethical Brands in Australia

It is the goal of this company to push the limits of design and manufacturing advances in order to guarantee that each new product will be more ethically sustainable than the one before it. Tri Colour Federation is going to work hard to improve and perfect the textiles that it utilises. Pollution and overall waste are reduced in the factory's selections and engineering procedures, beginning with the raw materials and continuing through manufacturing. You can find their collections listed on Local threads Australia.

Built on ethical and sustainable principles, Lanikai’s philosophy seeks to reduce the company’s environmental impact by producing ethical fashion that benefits both people and the environment. Lanikai designs ethical swimwear that doesn't sacrifice style, usefulness, or quality, and you can find them at Local Threads AU.

The entire process of creating each BAIS item supports Australian manufacturing, haberdashery, and fabric suppliers locally. The brand works with a manufacturer that cuts and sews 100% of its collection in Perth, Western Australia. Committed to local production, the brand keeps its supply chain highly transparent. By shopping with this local brand on Local threads AU, you can be confident that everyone who contributed to the creation of your clothing received a fair wage.

The first scent-infused swimwear collection has been developed by Cali Rae, who is passionate about all whole foods. The products are excellent, vegan, and organic. selecting recycled materials of the best quality, eye-catching colours, alluring scents, and patterns for people of all shapes and sizes. The collection features stunning patterns, delicate tints, and seamless cuts and shapes. Each item listed on Local Threads AU is made to be skin-friendly, enhance the female form, and bring out all the appropriate curves.

In its more than 25 years of operation, the Five Lanes manufacturing facility has built enduring connections with its clients by providing high-calibre services. This is accomplished by maintaining high standards of quality control throughout all phases of production, delivery, and after-sale services, a crucial aspect of their flagship leather products. Shop Five Lanes’ collections at Local Threads!

When possible, Jackie Mack Designs works with recycled metals and other materials to reduce their environmental impact while using resources that are ethically and sustainably obtained. Jackie Damelian, the owner and creative director of Jackie Mack Designs works to keep producing pieces with a chic and modern appearance for modern ladies who like this joyful adventure of jewellery dressing. You can purchase them at Local Threads AU.


Lazy Sundae strives to offer top-notch streetwear and accessories to maintain the good times. To be more environmentally responsible and give back to the neighbourhood and the environment and they collaborate closely with their supply chain to reduce their environmental impact. Lazy Sundae is available at Local Threads AU!

LEGOE is a luxury Australian lifestyle company that specialises in creating laid-back yet sophisticated threads for the modern motherhood market. LEGOE uses only precisely selected fabrications, including organic and textured cotton, denim, luscious linens, fluid silks, merino wool, and cashmere - all coupled together with trans-seasonal tones to capture the spirit of modern living. Shop LEGOE on Local Threads AU!

Luna + Sun garments are constructed utilizing natural plant-based textiles that are in accordance with the Standard 100 set forth by Oeko-Tex®. This verifies that their products do not contain any harmful substances, such as carcinogens and toxic dyes, ensuring that their fabrics are safe for both people and the environment. Find their products listed on Local threads AU.

Matea Designs is in the process of establishing itself as a boutique fashion company in Australia. Their goal for each new season is to develop a variety of clothing that combine ready-to-wear ensembles with one-of-a-kind and durable items. They steer clear of any kind of mass production by only producing clothing in limited quantities at a time. Available at Local Threads Australia.

Why should you support Australian Ethical Clothing Brands?

In addition to keeping up with the most recent fashion trends and shopping locally, supporting Ethical Australian brands means ensuring that there is a fair and transparent supply chain from all of the brands that you buy. This helps to ensure that unethical manufacturing techniques, like child labour, are not being used in the production process. Additionally, most of the earnings from sales are split evenly among all of the businesses and designers that are listed. This way, they can pay fair wages, collaborate with ethical vendors, and manufacture goods of the best quality available.

Where To BUY Affordable Ethical Clothing Brands in Australia has the largest directory of affordable ethical Australian clothing brands, so visitors can be sure to obtain high-quality garments at the lowest possible prices., is the largest online store for products from a wide variety of high-quality apparel brands in categories including Homewares, Women, Men, and Kids.

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