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How to Shop Small Clothing Brands in Australia, Good Quality Clothing Brands Australia

by Editorial Staff 30 Aug 2022

Author: Mike Ayeni

If you’re a fashion lover who’s a big fan of independent fashion brands and looking to patronize small, local clothing brands in Australia, we have great news for you! With Local threads, you can explore the largest market of Australian clothing brands hosting a vast variety of affordable, locally produced, eco-friendly fashionable pieces. The Brands available at Local Threads provide options for creating a fashionable wardrobe out of the most beautiful natural, organic, or recycled pieces.

These affordable and ethical fashion brands create chic knitwear, loungewear, athletics, outerwear, dresses, denim jeans, basics, and other wardrobe necessities so you can dress to impress while protecting the environment! 

When shopping for new garments, look for the brands that are the most accountable, transparent, and sustainable. Local Threads has researched so that you can shop from any of the ethical and sustainable clothing companies listed below with confidence, knowing that they produce quality apparel in Australia in accordance with strict social and environmental standards. 

More than 150 small clothing brands and 6000 distinct goods are available at Local Threads, thoroughly screened and ethical.

Are you looking for small clothing brands in Australia?

You’re in the right place! Here’s a compiled list of fabulous, high-quality independent clothing brands in Australia that create the most recent fashion trends you ABSOLUTELY NEED to add to your wardrobe They are ethical, sustainable, and what’s best? You won’t be breaking the bank!

Check Out the Top 10 Small Clothing Brands in Australia

Lionel the Label presents a line of swimwear, casual wear, and festival apparel that is inspired by coastal living and festival culture. Each item is independently owned, produced in Australia, and manufactured with care and a sustainable approach to the fashion business. The label is available on Local Threads AU and is headed by the designer Chloe, who has also put together a line of accessories to go with her assortment of handcrafted pieces.

Zoha is a slow fashion womenswear brand that works to be recognized for its exquisite and distinctive designs. The collections listed on Local Threads AU feature a unique blend of handcrafted and digital prints and embroideries, fusing them with modern fashion to produce classic items. The designs take their cues from the vibrant Indian past, which is evident in the embroideries, patterns, and textiles from all around the nation.

Lakeyo is a fashion label that is based in Australia and draws its inspiration from the culture of Australia, which values variety and acceptance. Lakeyo's mission is to create a fashion community that is open to all women, wherever they may be in the world. Their collections are available at Local Threads Australia, and brazenly delight in femininity and strength, incorporating both characteristics into their one-of-a-kind designs in the process.

Xahara designs luxurious and forward-thinking activewear for women. A brand based in Australia, Xahara creates designs that are influenced by fashion trends from all over the world. Xahara bridges the gap between high-quality performance clothing and the world of fashion. You can find their exquisite pieces at Local Threads AU!

Time IV Change creates a variety of handcrafted vegan timepieces in a traditional style. All of their watches, available at Local Threads, AU, have been Peta-certified and are animal-friendly and cruelty-free. In addition, they consistently work hard to ensure that the materials used in production have as little of an effect as possible on the environment.

Headquartered in Perth, Western Australia, Rusty has maintained its status as an authentic brand despite the passage of more than three decades. The company’s goal is to provide clients all around the world with coastal surf clothes, boards, and accessories of the best possible standard of quality. You can shop Rusty at Local Threads AU!

Love and Light is a collection that is located in Australia and specializes in hand-knit and crochet designs. The collection, found on Local Threads AU, features an original combination of knit and crochet constructions that was influenced by both modern and historical forms of popular culture. Each piece has its distinct look thanks to the use of vivid colours and a touch of bohemian flair in the design.

Lazy Sundae strives to offer top-notch streetwear and accessories to maintain the good times. To be more environmentally responsible and give back to the neighbourhood and the environment, they collaborate closely with their supply chain to reduce their environmental impact. You can shop Lazy Sundae pieces at Local Threads AU.

Satin & Saint is a premium street style brand that launched in December 2017 in Melbourne, Australia. The brand was inspired by the UK and European streetwear based in Australia and is working to establish itself as a boutique brand at the forefront of contemporary street fashion and consistently lead the way in terms of trendsetting for global streetwear, available at Local Threads, Australia. The company’s goal is to bring you a brand of quality garments that stands out from the competition.

Matea Designs is in the process of establishing itself as a boutique fashion company in Australia. Their goal for each new season is to develop a variety of clothing that combine ready-to-wear ensembles with one-of-a-kind and durable items. They steer clear of any kind of mass production by only producing their clothing in limited quantities at a time. Their collections are available for purchase at Local Threads Australia.

Devoted to both innovation and concern for people, The Rushing Hour believes that "Good Design" is the production of high-quality garments that can be worn season after season, using methods that are environmentally friendly and transparent. This includes factories that adhere to ethical standards and take care of the entire circular process, from the cultivation of the material to the production of the yarn to the recycling of the finished product. They are deeply committed to providing items that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also environmentally friendly and socially responsible. You can find their pieces listed for purchase at Local Threads, AU.

Why should you support Small Fashion Brands?

Your purchases help to maintain a healthy local economy and ensure that businesses in your area continue to thrive as a result of your support. These brands contribute to the formation and maintenance of employment opportunities, as well as to the nation’s continued vitality as a shopping and tourism destination. 

Where To BUY Small Clothing Brands in Australia is the largest marketplace for small independent Australian clothing brands, so visitors can gain access to a large listing of small, innovative Australian fashion brands. lists an array of high-quality apparel brands in categories including Homewares, Women, Men, and Kids.

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