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Best Lazy Sunday Afternoon with Lazy Sundae Apparel


Lazy Sundae

Sunday is Dress Down Day

Who says you have to dress up on a Sunday? The weekend is the perfect opportunity for you to dress down and just relax. You do not always have to be fashion conscious. You can dress down every now and then. But when doing this, you do not necessarily have to be lousy or sloppy with your weekend wear. You can remain stylish and fashionable even if you are just relaxing on your couch at home. 

What to wear on a Lazy Sunday Afternoon


  1. Flats. Of course you have to wear flats. No high heels today. You can wear the most comfortable flats that you have at home. 
  2. White T-Shirt. This is always the perfect companion. Everyone has a white shirt at home. Wear it all day. Use 100% cotton shirts for more comfort. 
  3. Waffle Hoodie. During cold weather, a good loungewear is a waffle hoodie. This is an essential that everyone should have in their closets. Choose lightweight hoodies that you can layer over your white tees.
  4. A Long Sleeve T-Shirt. This is perfect for relaxing over the fire. You can still be stylish wearing corduroy long sleeve shirts. 
  5. Stretchy Leggings. Stretchy leggings give maximum comfort with added warmth. You can wear comfy fleece lined leggings. You can also wear a pyjama set if you really want to relax.  
  6. Lounge Dress. If you are planning to go out on a Sunday but at the same time dress down, a lounge dress is a perfect idea. A lounge dress provides all the comfort you need but also makes you ready to go out on a jiffy for an errand.
  7. Casual Cardigans. If you are entertaining a date on a Sunday afternoon, you can cosy up with casual cardigans. 
  8. Pullovers. If you really want to go lazy, pullovers are your thing. You just wear them and pull them over. You can then go back to being lazy all day. 
  9. Button Up Shirts. Just like lounge dresses, button up shirts are not always the most comfortable but they are the most fashionable Sunday lounge shirts you can wear all day.
  10. Slipper Socks. If you want to play around and slide around and have fun like Tom Cruise, slipper socks are the right footwear for you.

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