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How to Find the Perfect Swimsuit for my Body Type at Cali Rae Clothing

Cali Rae Clothing

Swimwear 101

When summer is just around the corner, swimwears are essential for every individual. And for us Australians, going to the beach is a must. With long stretches of beaches all over the country, there is no way but to go to the beach and ride the waves or take a dip especially at the start of the summer season. 

Having parties at the beach or just relaxing on the shoreline is a must. With that said, you also should have the perfect swimwear. It should not necessarily be fancy but it should be perfect for your body type.  

How to Identify Your Body Shape.

It is easy to identify your body shape. You just stand in your underwear in front of a mirror, do a little bit of turn and look at what shape your body has. It is best to use a full-body mirror to fully see your body.

Here are the types of shapes for women: 

  1. Triangle/Pear shape. 

  2. Inverted Triangle Shape

  3. Round Shape or Apple shape

  4. Rectangular shape

  5. Hourglass Shape

Swimwear by Body Types

Now, you should also choose a swimwear according to your body type to create balance. Cali Rae Clothing offers all styles of swimwear for different body types. Here are some tips according to each body type:

  1. Triangle shape. Suits with a bardot neckline are perfect for you. Choose tops with designs and horizontal stripes paired with plain bottoms. 

  2. Inverted Triangle. The shoulders are the broadest part of your body. Bring in more volume to the lower half of your body by wearing bikinis with stripes and tops that are plain. However, if you are choosing a one-piece suit choose a single strap or a halter neck style.

  3. Round Shape/ Apple shape. You carry weight in front of you. Your best features are your legs. Choose swimwear with a v-neck to give an impression of a sexy cleavage.

  4. Rectangle figure. If you want to add curves, choose a stylish swimsuit that has a belt or a swimsuit that has details on the hemline. 

  5. Hourglass figure. You already have a balanced figure. Lucky for you, you have great freedom in choosing whatever swimsuit you have. 

Cali Rae Clothing offers a wide range of selections to choose from. All swimwear is sustainable and ethically produced. Get ready for summer and choose the perfect swimwear for you! is one of Australia's best online stores offering over 30,000 products
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