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Men's Cargo Pants To Shop Online Australian Local Clothing Brands

by Editorial Staff 07 Nov 2022

Author: Zenda Nel

It makes no sense to say cargo pants for men are back, because they have never left. Ever since they escaped from the military, they have been seen on the runways, in department stores, and upmarket boutiques, worn by both sexes.

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Best Australian Local Clothing Brand's Cargo Pants For Men

And this season they are everywhere. Loewe, Ralph Lauren, Hiroshi Nazawa, John Elliott, Gap, Banana Republic, Prada, and others have produced their own version of these beloved military-style pants. 

Have you ever wondered why these pants with their many pockets are called cargo pants? Cargo pants were initially designed for British soldiers during WWII. The pants were designed to help soldiers carry extra gear, which explains the many deep pockets. The soldiers carried cargo like extra rations and maps in the pockets of their pants, which became known as "cargo" pants.

Today, cargo pants have a slimmer cut and fewer, smaller pockets, and they tend to be made from thinner fabric than the ones worn during WWII.

Cargo pants by Rusty

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What Not To Wear With Your Cargo Pants

The first thing to keep in mind is that cargo pants are informal wear. Most fashion experts don't even consider them smart-casual wear. They are a bit above the casualness of jeans, though. With the right shirt and shoes, cargo pants can look stylish without looking formal.

But they are never suitable for formal occasions. So, don't wear your cargo pants with suit jackets or dress shirts. This goes for dress shoes as well.

When To Wear Cargo Pants

So you can't wear your new pair of cargo pants to your sister's wedding or to meet a customer. Here are some situations where cargo pants will be perfect.


What kind of pants do you need for hiking? You need pants that are lightweight, quick-drying, with plenty of pockets, and zip-off legs. Those are all the qualities of cargo pants, which make them ideal for hiking. Cargo pants are both comfortable and sturdy, and come with handy pockets for all your necessities and those nibbling snacks. Combine it with a wide-brimmed hat and hiking boots and you're ready to go.


Cargo pants are ideal for camping. They will protect your legs against brush while you set up camp and you'll have some camping essentials ready in your cargo pockets. Depending on the fabric your pants are made of, you can wear them for camping in any weather. They look just right in the great outdoors.

Road Trip

On a long road trip you want pants that are practical and comfortable. Cargo pants made from quick-drying material make the ideal travel pants for men who want to look stylish and comfortable while they're on the road. If you invest in a pair made from water-repellent fabric, they will keep you dry while sitting for extended hours. And when you stop along the road, they'll be ideal for the hiking and camping you planned.

Australian Safari

It’s not only Africa that has great safari destinations. With places like the Outback and the Great Ocean Road, Australia has many wonderful opportunities to admire wildlife. And you want to be dressed correctly for that adventure. Combine your cargo pants with a cotton button-down shirt, and hiking boots to look the complete picture. If you're traveling in summer, invest in a pair of cargo pants that zip off at the knees to convert into shorts.


While cargo pants won't be suitable office attire in the banking or legal sectors, they can work perfectly in more relaxed environments like startups. If you work for a small firm that doesn't have a formal dress code, cargo pants with a button-down cotton shirt and a leather jacket will be fine.

On a Date

Of course you can wear your cargo pants on a date. They work very well in informal settings like bars and restaurants. Depending on what you wear with them, you can look informal and relaxed, or casually smart. 

Cargo shorts by Rusty

What To Wear With Cargo Pants

  • Polo shirts – these are a classier alternative to the traditional t-shirt. With its collar, buttons, and knitted fabric, it’s an item you can easily wear with cargo pants. Polo shirts are dressier than Henley shirts and t-shirts, so choose this combination if you want to be comfortable but look good.
  • Henley shirts – these are a great alternative to t-shirts. With buttons down the front they are still casual but with added detail. Henley shirts perfectly complement the casual look of cargo pants.
  • Denim shirts – another piece of clothing that is ideal with cargo pants is the denim shirt. Both are distinctly informal, so you can't go wrong combining the two.
  • Button-down shirts – if you want to look a little smarter, opt for a button-down long-sleeve shirt with your cargo pants. Choose a linen shirt by Vaycay for a casually smart look for that all-important date.
  • T-shirts – t-shirts are the number one option to wear with cargo pants. Choose a high-quality 100% cotton t-shirt by ORTC for a classy look. Long-sleeve t-shirts also look good with cargo pants.
  • Hoodies – for those days that you just want to relax and be comfortable, your favorite hoodie will be perfect. Hoodies and cargoes go so well together because they are both informal attire.

From Surfboards To Cargo Pants, Rusty Has it all 

This beloved Australian brand is known for the best surfboards in the world and all the swimming wear you'll ever need to brave the waves on one of them.

Rusty is one of the sustainable brands featured on LocalThreads, the largest online marketplace for sustainable clothing brands in Australia. The Rusty store on LocalThreads features a wide range of clothing for men and women, including t-shirts, shorts, and cargo pants. Have a look, and get yourself something for this summer!

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