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Alternative Adidas Shorts for Women Top Local Brands Shorts Australia

by Editorial Staff 07 Nov 2022

Author: Zenda Nel

If the leading designers and brands are anything to go by, shorts will be a popular fashion item for women in the coming seasons. They have already included shorts in their collections for spring and the upcoming seasons, summer. Many fashion-conscious celebrities and Instagram influences have been seen in some stunning shorts.

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Adidas Alternatives: Women's Shorts Top Local Brands in Australia

The best women's shorts for 2023 are versatile. You can wear them to your local coffee shop, to an art exhibition, or just lounging around. 

Shorts are practical and easy to wear. And no, they don't all look the same! 

Let's look at the vast range of shorts for women that you can find on Local Threads.

Checkout the Top and Best Australian Clothing Brands to shop on!

Boyfriend Shorts

If you are wondering what kind of shorts are in style in 2022, you'll find out that boyfriend shorts are in this season. Boyfriend shorts are typically made from denim and tend to have a loose fit. They often sport frayed hems and rips but not always.

In fact, the Essential Boyfriend short sold on Local Threads is not even made of denim! It's made of 92% Bamboo and 8% Spandex.

Denim Shorts

Rusty sells a beautifully cut slim-fitting pair of denim shorts that will become a favorite of yours for many years. Their Penny Kick Flare Denim Shorts are high-waisted and mid-thigh length, and feature stitching details. These shorts are made from 100% Cotton Rigid Denim and look stunning with a tank top.

Bike Shorts

You'll find a tempting range of eco-friendly and sustainable biking shorts for women on Local Threads. Amber Days, Yogi Peace Club, Pinky & Kamal, and Mad Active all make bike shorts loved by our customers.

Many ladies wonder if biker shorts really look good on everyone. If you go by the range for sale on Local Threads you have to come to the conclusion that they do look good on everyone. 

Many ladies also wonder what to wear with bike shorts. If you don't want to wear only a cropped top, consider wearing an oversized button-down shirt or blouse over your cropped tank.

High-Waisted Shorts

High-waisted shorts are very popular this summer season. The trend already started in winter and it's just continuing. 

Why are high-waisted shorts so popular? The secret to high-waisted shorts is that they emphasize your waist line and show off your legs. 

You can take advantage of the fact that high-waisted shorts bottoms are made to accentuate your waist. Make the best of it by adding a thin belt and tucking your top in. This is not the best style of shorts for ladies who don't have a small waist or who have a short upper body.

High-waisted shorts by Cazinc The Label

Maternity Shorts

Melbourne fashion brands are known for their ground-breaking fashion creations. Ripe Maternity is one of them. The brand came to life because the founders were frustrated with the lack of fashionable pregnancy clothing. 

Pregnant women don't want to be excluded from the latest fashion trends. Ripe Maternity is an ethical Melbourne brand that aims to help women celebrate the special time of their pregnancy through nursing and beyond.

Ripe Maternity's range of clothing for pregnant ladies and nursing moms is stylish and made for comfort.  Their shorts come with over tummy seamless support and contoured ribbing under the tummy for extra support. It is the perfect garment for layering. 

Belt Shorts

Belt shorts are also a big item this year. The ones on Local Threads come with a soft belt in the same material as the shorts. This creates a unified look and also accentuates the wearer's waist. The waist is gathered, which makes for a very feminine look. 

BAIS Clothing and Cazinc The Label sell them on Local Threads.

All Sizes And Shapes Are Beautiful

MAD Active is a sustainable and ethical Australian activewear brand that celebrates all women. The fashion industry has long been criticized for catering only for tall, thin women. MAD Active has actively changed that. This sustainable clothes brand caters for all women. 

All of the brand's activewear is made from recycled plastic bottles. In line with its ethical and sustainable practices, each sold item helps clean up the planet, supporting charity, and empowering women in third world countries.

Midi Shorts

In case you were wondering, Midi shorts are just mid-length shorts that cover the bum and the upper part of the thighs, but they are not as long as Bermuda shorts.

This fashion item is for the discerning lady who wants to be comfortable but still look stylish. The Nennillo short for sale on Local Threads is an excellent example. Cazinc The Label also sells them.

For Active Ladies

The pandemic has reminded people how important mental and physical health are. Many people have started on fitness regimes and the market for activewear is expected to keep growing. 

For those women who have not started working out yet and need some encouragement, there is a lot of stunning activewear for sale on Local Thread, all of them by ethical Australian brands. 

Fitness is such a big thing in Australia that Instagram is swarming with fitness models and influencers. Their videos that feature fitness exercises and motivational talks are also contributing to the growth of the fitness market in Australia. 

These brands, featured on Local Threads, all produce top-quality activewear for women: Mad Active, Pinky & Kamal, Xahara Activewear, and Yogi Peace Club.


Activewear by MAD Active

Volley Shorts

Volley shorts are short, made with lightweight fabric, and has a comfortable elastic waist with drawstring closure. They are loose-fitting, but neat. They are popular among men and women for hanging at the beach and the odd dip. These shorts have plenty of room to move. You can find quite a few on Local Threads.

Australian Clothing Stores: Women's Alternative Clothing Fashion, shop from the Best Alternative Women's Clothing Stores Australia.

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