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Adidas Alternative Clothing Brands Australia

by Editorial Staff 26 Oct 2022

Author: Zenda Nel

Together with Nike and Puma, Adidas is one of the top three brands in sports clothing. Primarily, their garments enable athletic performance, but the company has also moved on to stylish fashion. Adidas has become more than a sports brand; it has become a fashion brand. 

Adidas produces shorts, pants, hoodies, jackets, t-shirts, shirts, sweatshirts, polo shirts, jerseys, for men and women, but you can find all these items at Local Threads, the largest online marketplace for ethical fashion from Australia's best independent brands. 

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Australian Adidas Alternatives Clothing Brands

With over 150 brands and 30,000 products stocked on Local Threads, you are sure to find an alternative brand to Adidas that will look good on you and suit your pocket. 

Australian Clothing Brands that you can buy instead of Adidas:

Kenny Parker Label

Kenny Parker Label is an independent Australian fashion label based in Melbourne. The brand was founded by Trent Hogan. The company produces quality wardrobe basics and luxury streetwear favorites.

Kenny Parker garments are gender-neutral and come in greys, white and black. 

The brand's slogan is: Designed for him – Worn by Her.

Find a Kenny Parker Label men's leather jacket or a pure white linen shirt on Local Threads.

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Aylesbury Clothing

Aylesbury is one of many Australian clothing brands sold on Local Threads. The company's clothing ranges from streetwear, and fitness clothing to luxury garments.

On Local Threads, they have for sale a wide range of high-quality tees, a range of Signature shorts, tanks in different colors, and denim shorts.


Rusty is a Perth-based Australian clothing brand that specializes in surf-style clothing. On the Rusty website: "Saltwater runs in the blood of both our brand and our team, which is apparent by the dripping wetsuits and towels that hang outside reception most days!"

Rusty stockists are based across Australia, but why go out to shop for your favorite beachwear when you can shop online at Local Threads.

In addition to swimwear, Rusty also produces all manner of leisure wear for men and women. Find the best looking Cargo shorts and pants you could possibly hope for in addition to summer dresses, tees, and denims. 


ORTC is one of the sustainable Australian clothing brands featured on Local Threads. The brand is a great alternative to stylish Adidas clothing, being famous for its formal-casual style. Check out the ORTC offerings on Local Threads.

Wearing one of their pullover jerseys to any event will make you look super smart. They are not the untidy oversized kind. They are stylish and come in subdued colors, perfect for the mature man and woman.


If you are looking for ethical men's clothing in Australia, look no further than the brands selling on Local Threads and look no further than Destii. Destii is committed to working only with sustainable textiles like linen. The brand says it uses linen because it makes clothes that will last.

The Destii linen shorts and shirts are timeless and stylish and come in subdued colors for men who have outgrown sloppy t-shirts and loud clothing. 

Linen shirt by Destii

Mad Active

When it comes to activewear for women, Adidas can learn from Mad Active. This sustainable Australian brand has a range of outfits for the gym to die for. Even if you don't like to exercise, you'll find an excuse to buy one of these stunning matching leggings and tops. 

Pinky & Kamal

Another very stylish women's active wear clothing brand that sells on Local Threads is Pinky & Kamal. Pinky and Kamal is an Australian natural and sustainable activewear and lifestyle label. All the garments are hand-made and hand-dyed in Bali, Indonesia. This stylish brand beats all the top sports brands for style.

Yin Flares by Pinky & Kamal 

Belle & Bloom

A great alternative to Adidas jackets for women, is the many jackets you can find by the brands featured on Local Threads. 

Belle & Bloom is a top Australian fashion brand for women. Belle & Bloom has an enormous ranges of beautifully designed and crafted jackets in different styles, all of them classy. Check out their Better Off Military Peacoat in navy for unbeatable style.

Satin & Saint

Yes of course you can buy Adidas hoodies for men and women. And yes, they are great. But you know what is better? Hoodies from brands on the Local Thread platform. 

Satin & Saint makes hoodies for men as does Rusty, ORCT, Caye Collection, and Aylesbury. ORTC and Rusty also make hoodies for the fairer sex.

Caye Collection

Sweatshirts are a major staple for athletes, keeping them warm after a long run or a competitive match. Or simply to lounge around it on any day and at any time. Local Threads feature some really stylish sweatshirts in all the colors you could desire. 

Men, look out for sweatshirts by ORTC, and women look for cool items from ORTC, Zoha Online, and Caye Collection.


Sweatshirt by Caye Collection


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