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High Fashion Jackets: Best Men's Leather Jackets To Shop Online

by Editorial Staff 06 Nov 2022

Men's Leather Jacket

Author: Zenda Nel

Fashion Sustainability Writer

Nothing says masculine like a leather jacket. After all, this raw and edgy clothing item started life, first as the garb of German fighter pilots in the First World War, and then acquired the name Bomber jacket in World War I. 

During the ensuing hundred years, the leather jacket has consolidated its position as the prime fashion item of the rebellious and the avant-garde alike.

The leather jacket's popularity really took off when Hollywood started dressing popular stars in black leather jackets. The first time was in 1953 when the legendary actor Marlon Brando wore one in The Wild One. Many prominent Hollywood stars wore leather jackets during some of the most acclaimed movies of the time, notably James Dean in Rebel Without A Cause. His unrivaled charisma, and his masterly portrayal of the inner turmoil of the young male of the times, made James Dean and his leather jacket the everlasting symbols of rebellion. 

Today, the black leather jacket has moved past its "biker" image and penetrated wardrobes of fashion-conscious men and women sporting original designs and classic cuts.

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Types of Leather Jackets

Bomber Jacket

The original bomber jackets, also called flight jackets or aviation jackets, worn by flight pilots, were lined with fur to keep out the extreme cold at high altitudes. Since then, the bomber jacket has gone through many evolutions, with many different styles available on the market today.

They may not be lined with fur specifically, but are nonetheless lined and some have faux-fur collars. They come in more colors than black and brown and still have outsized front pockets. Some styles have ribbed cuffs and hems. 

Biker Jacket

This famous leather jacket style was popularized by the biker jacket worn by Marlon Brando in the Wild One as well as the biker gangs of the 50s. This garment with its snappy cut and zippers is still worn by bikers the world over.

Australia has a long biker history, with the first biker clubs appearing in the late 50s and early 60s. This means that Australian men have many biker styles to choose from. 

But the one feature that all biker jackets must have is thickness. The leather must be at least 1.1cm thick. That is necessary to protect you against the consequences of coming off your bike at high speeds. The best hide for this purpose is cow or buffalo hide, as they are thick and tough.

Racing Jacket

The racing jacket, also called the riding jacket, is a slim-cut jacket that accentuates the body shape. They are not fussy garments with lots of zippers and such. Racing jackets have narrow collars or no collars at all.

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High Fashion Jackets

Fashion jackets serve no purpose other than making a fashion statement. That is why they come in all colors and are made from a wider range of hides. Because they don't need to protect a biker in case of a fall, fashion jackets are often made from softer hide, such as goat or lambskin. 

Aviation jacket by Five Lanes

The First Sustainable Clothing Item

If you think about it, leather clothing has been a sustainable product right from the get-go. Since leather is so hard-wearing, it is a textile that lasts for decades, never mind years. When you buy a leather jacket, you are investing in a garment that can last you for a lifetime. 

But is this really sustainability? The garments may not need constant replacement, but what about the cost of raising animals, even if it's not primarily for their leather?

Racing jacket by Five Lanes

The Evolvement of Leather – Vegan Leather 

Leather jackets and other leather items made from animal hide come at a tremendous cost to humans, animals, and the environment. There is a rising demand for alternative leather, so-called vegan leather, to be used for leather products. 

This demand is part of the general demand for animal-free products, the rejection of animal products, and the realization that vegan leather functions and looks just like traditional leather.

Innovators and startups have invented stunning leather alternatives in recent years. Vegan leathers are being fashioned from lotus stems, used coffee grounds, synthetic spider silk, mushrooms, seaweed, pineapple leaves, and more.

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Five Lanes on Local Threads

Melbourne-based fashion brand manufactures quality leather jackets for men and women. The company follows a sustainable and ethical approach to business, sourcing its raw leather from farms purely used for the meat industry.

The maker describes its jackets as sophisticated, easy to wear, and well-crafted. Perfect for the classy and stylish Australian.

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