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Best Puffer Jackets For Men: Buy Puffer Jackets for Men Online in Australia

by Editorial Staff 06 Nov 2022

Author: Zenda Nel

Puffer Jackets for Men

Puffer Jackets are ugly as hell, but a necessity we can't live without. These ungainly puffs of clothing have been around since 1940 when outdoor enthusiast Eddie Bauer patented his first quilted down jacket. The jacket was born after Bauer almost succumbed to extreme cold during a fishing trip. His first down coat was waist-length and came with a knitted collar.

But the puffer jacket was really put on the map when designer Norma Kamali designed an ankle-length version after a camping trip. While out on a bathroom run during the night, she realized that her sleeping bag, wrapped around her, was the ideal protection against the winter cold.

On arriving home, she promptly cut up her sleeping bag and made a puffer coat out of it. She launched her Sleeping Bag Coat in 1973 and has used the same pattern ever-since for her coats. Just like the sleeping bag that inspired them, they come with their own sleeping bag cover for storage.

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The Fashion Cycle of Puffer Jackets

Puffer jackets are classified as outerwear fashion. Outerwear includes coats, overcoats, and raincoats that are worn over other clothes for extra warmth. The cycle of outerwear fashion is slower than for other clothes because they are not just a fashion statement; they have a practical purpose: they have to keep you warm in extreme cold weather. So, people tend to replace coats less often than they would sweaters or jerseys, which need to be stylish as well.

Let's face it, when you have to wait for a bus in sub-zero temperatures, style is not as important as keeping warm.

Outerwear like puffer jackets also needs replacement less often because they are only needed for a limited time during the year, especially in warm climates like Australia. Because they are not worn for extended times during the year, they last longer. As a result, you don't get bored with wearing them so easily.

Outerwear also lasts longer than other clothing because they become unnecessary once you are indoors, especially puffer jackets stuffed with down. Most of us stick with the same puffer jacket for a few years, partly because we get attached to them and partly because it doesn't make sense to keep replacing something you wear for a short time during the year and then only for a limited time during the day.

For these reasons, once you decide to invest in a puffer jacket, you must consider your decision carefully because you're going to wear it for quite some time. 

But you certainly don't have to disappear in a formless sleeping bag puffer jacket. There are many stylish alternatives to choose from.

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Are Puffer Jackets on Trend For Men in 2023?

Puffer jackets remain popular due to their lightweight and insulating properties. They are associated with hiking, skiing, hunting, and other outdoor activities for obvious reasons, but they are also undeniably part of urban streetwear culture. 

We have seen outrageous outsized puffer jackets and coats on the runways, but you don't have to opt for something that makes you look like some ridiculous character in a farce. Thankfully there are designer items with a more toned-down silhouette that accentuates the male form and looks really cool.

Savvy urbanites often opt for a hoodless version in a neutral shade like khaki, grey, or black. Wearing a plain basic color and a closer fitting style makes for a toned-down fashion statement. You can complete the look with a knitted jersey underneath and a pair of woolen slacks.

Puffer jacket by Satin & Saint

Puffer Jackets will most likely remain trendy for the foreseeable future because of their practical functionality. 

Let's face it, men want to look great in the winter, but they want warmth and protection from the elements more than they want style. Puffer jackets fill the need perfectly, protecting wearers against the elements at an affordable price. The latest iterations use advanced technology for the down composite and external waterproof textile. The more ethically manufactured puffer jackets use natural dyes, renewable tree fill, and organic fabrics, including Japanese broadcloth.

So, to answer the question, puffer jackets are still trendy and they will likely remain popular as long as we have winters and designers that devise new styles to entice the fashion-loving public. 

Colorado puffer jacket by ORTC

Puffer Jacket Options For Men on LocalThreads

 LocalThreads is the largest online marketplace for ethical fashion from Australia's top independent brands. Saint & Satin and ORTC are two of the sustainable Australian brands featured on LocalThreads. 

Satin & Saint – High Shine Puffer Jacket

The puffer jacket by Satin & Saint featured on LocalThreads is a fashion item for the man who likes to make an entrance. Called the High Shine Puffer Jacket, it combines luxury and streetwear into one garment with undeniable fashion statement credentials.

The jacket features a front fastening zip, side pockets, adjustable press-stud tabs at the cuffs, and a quilted interior. The high-shine outer and the lining are made of 100% polyester and the filling is 100% cotton.

ORTC – Colorado Puffer Jacket

The Colorado Puffer Jacket produced by ORTC, is a versatile garment, with the outer made of 100% nylon and the filling consisting of 100% polyester. 

The jacket features a detachable hood, signature ORTC striped interior lining, and fleece-lined pockets. It has an ultra-neat design, making it fit for most occasions. 

ORTC sells a wide range of clothing for men, women, and children in its online store on LocalThreads. Scroll through their offerings can get yourself something great for this season from ORTC.

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