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Men's Spring Fashion: How To Select Best Men's Spring Clothes

by Editorial Staff 06 Nov 2022

Author: Zenda Nel

Men's Spring Fashion


Spring is a tricky season. It's no longer freezing cold, but it's also not hot. With this kind of in-between weather, one is often at a loss for what to wear. At the same time, it's not exactly rocket science. You can just use your common sense, and you will know what to wear on these bright sunny days before summer. 

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Common Sense Rule 1

Wear fabrics that are suitable for summer, like thick cottons and linens rather than wool and fleece. Shirts made from muslin is ideal. This thick-woven, lightweight cotton is cool in summer and warm in cool weather. Bamboo fabric is also an excellent choice.

Common Sense Rule 2

Spring weather is notoriously unpredictable, with warm mornings, windy afternoons and evenings that can get quite nippy. Solve this problem by layering your clothes. Wear more layers while it's cool, and discard one or two pieces of clothing as soon as the day gets warmer.

Simply invest in perfectly cut, high-quality t-shirts in black or another neutral color that you can easily pair with a light shirt or a lightweight jacket. The secret is to choose a t-shirt that is of high-quality fabric, impeccable cut and professionally made, so you don't look as if you've stepped out in your favorite t-shirt from last summer. 

Also, choose a well-cut shirt in a muted but light color. You don't want to look like a teenager dressed in anything that the wardrobe produced this morning. Top it all with an unlined jacket, which you can take off if it gets too warm. 

With layering you have to be careful. Otherwise the effect can look sloppy.

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Know Your Fabrics

We are not including this spring fashion solution under common sense rules, because knowledge of fabrics has nothing to do with common sense – it is a learned knowledge base. Simply put, some textiles are suitable for hot weather, and other fabrics are better for cold weather. If you know the different kinds of fabrics, and their characteristics you can choose the right ones for spring. 

You can also swap winter fabrics for lighter, cooler fabrics for the spring weather. 

Cotton, linen, bamboo, and chambray are the coolest textiles to wear in summer. Many clothes for spring and summer are made with cotton blends, such as Polly cotton, but these fabrics are not breathable in hot weather.

Winter fabrics include wool, flannel, tweed, mohair, cashmere, faux fur, fleece, silk, and leather.

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Substituting Warmer Fabrics For Cooler Ones

From Heavy Wool Coats To Light Trench Coats

The winter overcoat is a staple in the cold months for going to the office, a job interview, meeting with important customers, going to a bar, or restaurant and coffee dates. It looks equally good over a formal suit and more casual wear like a sweater and jeans. But it's way too hot for spring weather.

You can consider replacing your winter overcoat with a trench coat made from a lightweight fabric like cotton twill or gabardine wool.

Originally designed for military wear, the trench coat is an elegant garment with casual tailoring, either double-breasted or single-breasted, usually belted, and with or without epaulets. This eternally popular wardrobe piece retains its romantic allure as the preferred garb of spies and wartime heroes in the movies or the 1930s. 

Trench coats are effortlessly stylish and versatile. You can wear them in autumn, winter, and spring, over just about anything – a trench coat lifts any outfit. 

From Wool Sweater vs Cotton Sweater

While wool sweaters are necessary for cold winter days, they quickly get uncomfortably hot as soon as the days get a bit warmer. 

A fine cotton or bamboo sweater is perfect for layering on cool days. While it will keep you warm, you won't get too hot. 

Look for blended textiles; they will not be too hot. So, don't get a pure cashmere sweater; get a cashmere blended with cotton for a perfect combination fabric that will keep you warm on a cool day but cool when it gets hotter. 

Knitwear for men, like sweatshirts and cardigans comes in many styles and forms the basis of a smart-casual wardrobe. 

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From Flannel Shirts To Linen Shirts

That thick flannel black and red plaid shirt you loved so much during winter may not be too hot for spring, but it just looks wrong. We all associate plaid shirts with winter, not spring. So, ditch yours now and rather bring out your cotton and linen shirts.

You can also look for shirts made from bamboo. Bamboo fabric is luxuriously soft and breathable, ideal for hot weather. Bamboo has thermoregulatory properties that help keep you cool when the weather warms up. In addition, its moisture-wicking nature makes it a comfortable fabric to wear on hot days. 

From Winter Jeans To Summer Jeans 

If you are one of those people who live in jeans, you never stop wearing them no matter what the weather. But there are some of us that can't stand them in warmer weather.

That's not a problem, though. Simply replace your thick winter denims with pre-washed jeans that have been softened with water treatment. They are usually not too hot.

Distressed jeans are promoted as being cooler than regular jeans. However, Local Threads doesn't recommend buying distressed jeans. Distressed jeans are jeans that have been sandblasted to give them a worn look and to soften the denim. However, this is not a sustainable practice.  

The manual sandblasting of jeans causes silicosis when small particles of sand dust become embedded in the lungs. Initially the condition causes shortness of breath, coughing, weakness, and weight loss, but, eventually it causes death. There is no cure for the disease.

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Final Words About Men's Spring Fashion:

It is easy to dress for spring weather if you know your fabrics. Keep in mind that synthetic fabrics like       rayon, nylon, polyester, and acrylic are not breathable and tend to become uncomfortably hot in warmer weather. Stick to natural textiles for year-round comfort.

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