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Alternative Nike Australia Clothing Brands 2023

by Editorial Staff 20 Nov 2022

The rising streetwear culture in Australia is experiencing an exciting period.No matter who you are, you'd be hard-pressed not to find at least one brand that speaks to you given the abundance of emerging and established and emerging brands out there. Today, we present to you Nike Alternative up-and-coming brands, or, if you prefer, our "ones to watch." While each has its own unique flavor, they all cater to people who are built to express themselves via more than just clothing and have a taste for items that are full of purpose and significance all available at Local Threads Australia. 

Alternative Nike Australian Clothing Brands


So, if you enjoy the Nike aesthetic but you keep asking yourself what ethical and environmentally friendly Nike alternatives exist? Look no further, This list of Alternative Nike Australian clothing brands  that are available for sale on Local Threads, Australia will have you giving expression to your creative, edgy side, and doing it ethically!

Local Threads AU

The greatest marketplace for ethical clothing from the top independent brands in Australia is called Local Threads. All Local Thread’s affiliated brands undergo a thorough screening procedure In order to guarantee that you receive the trendiest fashion that supports local businesses and sustainable practices. The website hosts over 30,000 items from 150+ brands. 

Pinky & Kamal

Pinky & Kamal is a Melbourne-based business, that helps today's active women design timeless outfits that can be worn outside of the yoga studio. The brand, which took inspiration from the yogi way of life, believes that everyone has a duty to consume, produce, and live responsibly.

Each piece is timeless in design and made from organic materials that are good for the environment. Fitness enthusiasts are getting more and more aware that Pinky & Kamal as one of the leading women's athletic apparel brands available today.

Learn more about their well-chosen variety of shorts, tees, knitwear, leggings, and much more at Local Threads AU. 

MAD Active

The brand MAD Active, one of the more recent entrants, is run by two daring female entrepreneurs who won't stop until every Australian is wearing their brand! They are located in Melbourne and want to increase access to affordable sustainable activewear.

Their gorgeous range is made from recycled polyester and plastic bottles. Because the fashion industry has a significant waste problem, every piece of activewear from MAD Active helps with the battle to keep plastic out of our landfills. This company believes that the best activewear shouldn't be expensive and is committed to making its products as affordable as possible.

They may be a small group, but they have large hearts and even greater dreams! Shop their clothes at Local Threads AU. 

Treball Active

In 2016, Sara Cooper- founder of Treball Active discovered that it was difficult to find training leggings that didn't require her to stop every minute to hitch them up or, worse yet, to hold them up the entire time she was running. She got quite angry because she had spent so much on leggings that only looked fantastic, but were very poor in quality.

Independent Clothing Brands Australia, Ethical And Sustainable Fashion Brands

She realised that fast fashion had transformed sportswear into something that was of questionable quality and didn't last. And she was aware that in order to give clients the functionality they required, the quality they deserved, and a product that looked wonderful, she needed to try to make something better and go back to the basics. In the best way possible.

Hence, the mission to create high-quality, functional beautiful, and timeless activewear was born. They want to give you the best possible chance to look and feel great while giving you entire flexibility to move around and enjoy being active. Shop Treball Active at Local Threads AU. 

Ripe Maternity

Ripe, a brand adored by mothers everywhere, strives to provide women with the confidence, style, and comfort they need to navigate parenting. The brand was created in 1996 by two close friends- Lisa Balakas and Kate Beaconsfield mostly because they were frustrated with the lack of stylish maternity apparel.

In order to launch their debut collection by mail order catalogue, they pooled their resources and did so with just 12 outfits. It was a phenomenal success, and in just five years, Ripe had consumers all around Australia, the US and Singapore.

Through their specialised product line, which is modern and supportive of the female lifestyle, they hope to empower women to cherish and embrace the incredible moments of pregnancy, nursing, and beyond. Available at Local Threads AU. 

Men's Clothing Australia

Amber Days 

Amber Days is a sustainable kid’s wear brand that is inspired by the Australian desert. bush, and sea. The next generation of change-makers are the thoughtful, intrepid, free-spirited kids for whom Amber Days is designed.

Corina, an Aboriginal mother, environmentalist, artist, designer, and activist, created the brand. Her ambition to pursue her dreams and achieve financial independence for herself and her daughter without compromising the value of being a present mother, (which is extremely important to her), led to the creation of Amber Days. Since she has always carried a passion for the environment and people, finding clothes that didn't use dangerous chemicals in the manufacturing process was crucial to her when she became pregnant with her daughter. Available at Local Threads AU

Alternative Adidas Shorts For Men Top Local Brands Shorts Australia


LEGOE a high-end Australian lifestyle brand that creates casual yet stylish clothing for modern motherhood. LEGOE. (pronounced "le-go") is a family name, and the label's core values include family and the associated lifestyle. In order to capture the essence of contemporary living, LEGOE. only uses carefully chosen materials, such as merino wool, cashmere, liquid-like silks, dreamy denim, organic & textural cotton, and exquisite linens.

LEGOE. is unapologetically different, and young, and exudes a refreshingly cool atmosphere that you just can't live without. They are paving the way with their characteristic detailing, eye for adaptability, and standout original designs.Celebrities and influencers around the world have taken notice of LEGOE's brilliantly innovative threads, which are already defining the trends. Available at Local Threads, AU

Best Online Shopping Stores In Australia, Top Online Clothing Stores

Solomon Street

Solomon Street makes wearable, vibrant clothing that is both functional and fashionable. Their clothers are flexible and will move with your body wherever you go. The brand was established in 2017 after its founder, Lauren, obtained a degree in graphic design and developed an interest in social businesses. Her two passions came together to become Solomon Street. Her German heritage has had a significant impact on her life, and sustainability has always been important to her. It was important to her that anything she produced had to be good for the environment.

Men's Cargo Pants To Shop Online Australian Local Clothing Brands

Saving the globe is quite a difficult endeavour. Why not wear something that will make you and the people around you happy and contribute to the preservation of the earth at the same time? Shop Solomon Street at Local Thread AU

Yogi Peace Club

Yogi Peace Club sources all of its clothing from ethically recognized factories in Australia, China, Thailand, and India. They use organic cotton that has been certified by an independent certification (WRAP)

Post-consumer PET recycled plastic is woven with polyester spun with spandex to guarantee that the leggings and crops they print are of the greatest quality. They take part in the "I made your clothes" campaign each year in an effort to be transparent with the factories we work with.

Men's Sustainable Clothing Fashion 2023

They also make donations to the Carbon Positive Charitable Fund, a nonprofit group that uses the planting of native Australian trees to restore the natural ecosystems of Australian land. They often collaborate with other charities, give to causes, and support events. Join the movement and shop Yogi Peace Club at Local Threads, Australia.



All of the brands listed above are available at Local Thread Australia. If you need to compare styles and prices from locally and sustainably sourced clothes, they are your best bet.

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