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White Colour Dresses Online in Australia, White Party Dresses For Women

by Editorial Staff 12 Jan 2023

Why Do Most People Like To Wear White Dresses?

When one contemplates fashion and colors, an interesting discovery is made. While white is associated with bridal dresses, black occupies an honored position in fashion. It is the color of that special number that we must all have in our cupboards.

The little black number has a place of honor in fashion. There is no such spot for white.  

The high rate of divorce and of couples living together before their wedding day has made a mockery of white as the so-called color of purity and innocence. 

So, do white dresses still have any special appeal?

They certainly do. There are reasons why many women have a white number in their closet.

Benefits Of Wearing White Clothes You May Not Know

Provided you don't get a stain on it, wearing a white dress actually makes you feel clean and light, especially a loose-fitting flowy dress like the NORA White Flowy Maxi Dress by Matea Designs sold on Local Threads.

Flowy dresses are in style in 2022 because they are so versatile – you can wear them straight from an afternoon coffee with a friend to cocktails in the evening.

Matea Designs is a boutique Australian fashion brand that produces a mix of ready-to-wear outfits and one of a kind timeless pieces. Matea is a sustainable brand. For instance, all their garments are made in small batches to avoid wastage. 

Matea Designs create clothes that flatter the female figure. If you buy one of their white dresses, you'll feel like a princess. The brand is growing fast and has a strong following. 

Matea offers free shipping on all orders.

White Dress: A Life-saver In The Australian Summer Heat

You know why you always see pictures of people in the desert wearing white? That is because white doesn't absorb heat, it reflects it. So, women wearing white dresses in summer are cooler than the rest of us. 

If you are shopping for a white dress, have a look at what's on offer at Local Threads where you will find the widest ethical fashion range in Australia. The best summer dresses to shop now are by Belle & Bloom, BAIS Clothing, Growing Fond, Cazinc The Label, and Lakeyo. All these ethical brands have lovely dresses that will keep you cool in the summer heat.

White Is Associated With Luxury

White dresses are forever associated with brides. Bride's dresses tend to be elegant and luxurious. They create a sense of wonder and expectation. Nothing is more pivotal to a spectacular wedding than a well-designed white wedding dress.

Other colors may make more of a splash, but white is dazzling in its own way, especially when it's paired with the right jewelry. 

Simple white linen dress by BIAS Clothing

White Is The Most Versatile Color

This is one of the reasons that most women have a few white garments and accessories in their closets: white goes with everything. With a plain white dress, the sky’s the limit. You can wear any color scarf, beads, bangles, or shoes with a plain white dress. If you keep your accessories to the minimum, you'll attain a stylish look. On the other hand, it's possible to achieve an all-out glam look with the right choice of jewelry, chandelier earrings, for instance.

Wearing White Can Make You Look Younger

White is a timeless color and it seems this timeless color can make women look timeless too. Really. The Gloss reports that celebrities like Jane Fonda, Diane Keaton, and Martha Stewart all understand that wearing white lifts the complexion because it reflects the light, making them look younger.

But you can't just stick on any white dress or blouse and think you'll look ten years younger.

There is a trick to white's anti-aging magic. All whites aren't created equal – you must only wear the shade of white that suits your skin tone. Bright, pure white for very pale or very dark skins and a warmer tone for warmer-toned skins.

NORA White Flowy Maxi Dress by Matea Designs

How To Wear White Dresses

  • Always choose a dress made with quality fabric. A white dress made from a thin, synthetic fabric can easily look cheap and you don't want that.
  • Don't wear a dress that is too clingy. Unless you have a perfect figure and no underwear seams are showing.
  • White tends to reveal every detail and every flaw. Make sure no underwear lines can be seen. It just looks tacky.
  • Be careful to choose the shade of white that best suits your skin tone. 
  • Choose your accessories with care. Don't just wear your favorite piece because you love it and it works with everything else. White is tricky – make sure your jewelry complements your overall look. 
  • If you are aiming for a glam look, consider metallic jewelry.
  • Choose a textile that suits the event. Don't wear a sequenced dress to a morning tea.
  • Don't wear white shoes or sandals with white dresses.

From casual to sophisticated, white dresses are flexible options suitable for all occasions. If you do not have a white dress in your closet, you should certainly get one.

Celebrate Summer 2023!

White is the most comfortable color to wear in the hot Australian summer weather in 2023. Whether you’re attending a christening, a garden party, or sipping wine on the beach at sunset, a white dress will make you look cool and refined.

Do your shopping online at Local Threads. The platform has the best range of ethical and sustainable local brands. You'll find the latest fashion trends portrayed in top-quality garments. 

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