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9 Ways Women Can Wear Shorts in the Heat of Australian Summer

by Editorial Staff 02 Dec 2022

To wear or not to wear shorts. This has always been a contentious issue for many women. Some women look fantastic in them, but all too often, shorts just don't do much for most body types.

Best Shorts For Women in Australia

Since summers in Australia are brutal, we have to give this issue some serious consideration, because most women will definitely wear shorts this summer and they want to look good in them.

To find the ideal pair for you, consider the following points.

Shorts Come in Different Lengths and Styles

Although this is a simple garment, all shorts are not the same. They come in different styles and different inseam lengths. The inseam length is the most important factor to consider when buying shorts. 

Shorts come in three standard lengths: 

  • Short: 2-3-inch inseam 
  • Midrange: 3-5-inch inseam 
  • Long: 11-13-inch inseam

As a general rule, short shorts look better on women who are not tall as they lengthen the leg somewhat. Sorry ladies, but short shorts look their best on younger women with great legs. 

Midrange Shorts are flattering for most women, and long shorts, like Bermudas, are great for women who are taller than average. For most women, shorts that go down to the knees, make their legs look shorter and the hips and thighs look bigger. So, feel free to give Bermudas a skip.

Fashion Pro Tip: Take note of the style. Choose A-line shorts rather than baggy shorts. A-line shorts flatter most body types and baggy shorts don't do anything for any body shape.

Ideally, shorts need to follow the line of your leg without being too tight or too wide. If they are too tight, they ride up in all sorts of unfortunate places, and side pocket flair open. If they are too wide, they look frumpy.

This season, high-rise shorts are in. They are not flattering for all body types. High-waisted shorts tend to accentuate a big stomach, and can even give the appearance of a stomach to women who have a fairly flat one. But most of all, they are very unflattering on high-waisted women, ending right under their breasts. 

If you have a short upper body, consider wearing a low-slung pair. Low-waisted shorts will make your torso appear longer.

How to Find the Best Look for You

Your best friends are your camera and your bedroom mirror. Take pictures of yourself in the mirror wearing shorts. Or better still, get your sister or a friend to take pictures from all angles, including the back.

Actual photos, rather than just looking at yourself in the mirror, are more effective. There is something about seeing yourself in a photo that is just so genuine – you can see what you really look like.

Try different styles, lengths and colours with different shoes to get the complete picture. 

Looking at pictures of yourself wearing shorts will show 

  • How they fit on your rear – a very important view!
  • If they flatter your body type
  • If they are too tight or sag too much 
  • If they are riding up
  • If the inseam length is flattering for you
  • Any pockets that flare out because the shorts are too tight

Frayed denim shorts by Rusty, are available on Local Threads.

How to Buy The Best Pair of Shorts For You

  1. Buy Quality Shorts  

Look for 100 percent cotton, linen or bamboo shorts. They look stylish and are cooler than synthetic fabrics. Unless you're buying shorts for the beach, go for shorts in classic styles that flatter your body type.

  1. Pay Attention To The Size

Don't buy shorts that are too tight or too baggy. Very tight shorts can easily look skimpy and make pockets and zips stand out. Shorts that are too baggy look frumpish. Buy shorts that fit you properly. To be sure the shorts are not too tight, wear them for a while in the house and sit down to see if they are comfortable before you cut off the tags.

  1. Don't Forget The Backside View

Take a look at yourself from behind in the mirror and make sure the shorts fit properly, neither too tight, nor too loose.

  1. Pay Attention To The Length Of The Inseam

If you don't know what length suits your body type the best, try out different shorts until you are sure what looks best on you. Once you know, you will always know what shorts to buy and not waste money on shorts that don’t look good on you.

Cazinc The Label shorts styled with a white tank top, blazer and neutral sandals for a smart look.

Different Ways To Style Shorts

  1. Shorts always look great with button-down shirts. Buy good quality shirts made from cotton, linen, or bamboo. Plain white looks the classiest. A classic white t-shirt or a tank top also looks great. 
  2. For a casual look, sandals, flip-flops, and flat shoes are perfect. So are a wedge or white trainers. 
  3. Be cautious about wearing high heels with shorts. While they usually elevate a look, they don't turn shorts into a classy garment for a formal event. 
  4. Style your shorts with flat shoes or sandals in a neutral colour that goes with your shorts to create the illusion of longer legs.
  5. You can elevate your look with jewellery. Bangles and chunky necklaces go well with shorts. A classic gold chain and hoop earrings are also a nice touch. 
  6. The style and colour of your shoes will also affect how shorts will appear on you. Shoes in a neutral colour worn with short shorts give the appearance of longer legs, while dark-coloured shoes worn with Bermudas make the legs appear shorter.
  7. Don’t neglect your handbag. Choose one to go with your colour scheme just as you would for a dress. A straw bag goes well with shorts.
  8. Style your shorts with a denim jacket, linen blazer, short lightweight cardigan or a pretty kimono for a bit of added flair.  
  9. Belts look great with shorts, but remember, they add bulk, so if you are not slim and don't have a slim waist, avoid belts with shorts. 
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