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Trending Sustainable Fashion Brands for Men to Wear This Spring

by Editorial Staff 02 Dec 2022

Temperatures are rising in Australia, so it's time to ditch the thick woollies and decide what you can wear this spring. These days, fashion trends are all over the place, so it's difficult to pin down what's in and what's out this season. 

However, as some fashion experts have observed, you don't have to run to the shops every time the season changes, since many so-called trends are just a rehash of previous styles. You probably have perfectly suitable clothes for the 2022 spring season in your cupboard already. And if you don't, you are at the right place to shop for them.

Sustainable Fashion Brands for Men to Wear in Spring

We have come up with a list of basic items that will see you through the 2022 spring season and the sustainable brands on Local Threads that will provide you with the look.

Reptile Apparel

A white t-shirt is a closet basic that goes with everything, so it's worth having a high-quality one that you can wear repeatedly without it falling apart after a few washes like so many fast fashion items do.

You can buy high-quality organic cotton t-shirts from Reptile Apparel. Launched in 2018 and based in Melbourne, this sustainable Australian streetwear brand aims to make clothes that help people express themselves and feel good about themselves. The name "Reptile Apparel" was born out of this idea of shedding skin (like reptiles do) and becoming a new and improved version of yourself.

Reptile Apparel only works with Melbourne-based manufacturers to support local workers and companies and to be able to assure that people making its product are working under fair conditions. The company has partnered with Bully Zero. The partnership involves the Repzero clothing range - 100% of the profits are donated to Bully Zero to fight bullying in schools.

Vacay Swimwear

Vacay Swimwear doesn't only make bathing costumes. The local Australian brand produces a range of clothes fit for a day at the beach or around the pool. Among them is the classic blue stripe long-sleeved shirt. It is the perfect match with a pair of jeans in spring. And it can double as a smart-casual item with pants in the evening.

The Adelaide-based swimwear brand was co-founded by business partners and best friends Corey Decandia and Jordan Kallios. Vaycay focuses on perfectly fitting clothes made from high-quality raw materials, using sustainable natural fibers where possible.  

Vacay markets itself as a unique swimwear brand inspired by the best beach destinations in the world. Their range includes swimwear as well as elegant resort wear that can be worn during the day and at night.   

PRO TIP: Pair your striped linen shirt with jeans and summer loafers for a casual look.

Linen shirt grey stripe by Vaycay Swimwear on Local Threads


Some days and evenings are still chilly in spring, so it's a good idea to invest in a lightweight sweater or long-sleeved t-shirt. You can get one in olive, navy, or white from ORTC, a local sustainable men's fashion brand featured on Local Threads.

Founded by friends Charlie Hender and Will Swale in 2016, ORTC is a highly successful Australian sustainable clothing brand, with a wide range of clothing for sale on Local Threads. 

ORTC also manufactures a unisex sweater made from 100% Cotton french terry that's super soft for those cool spring days and nights.


For an ultra-neat and cool look, go for a pair of pants from Rode, a sustainable men's brand featured on Local Threads. The Charlie White, made from a cotton and Spandex mix fabric, is super cool for spring. Worn with a long sleeve linen shirt or cotton t-shirt, these pants can take you from the beach to cocktails in the evening and you'll look perfect for both situations.

Rode focuses on comfortable clothes for men. This slow-fashion Australian brand creates unique streetwear for men in limited collections – once a style is out of stock, it is not repeated.

Charlie White pants by Rode featured on Local Threads


From chino pants and cargo pants to worker pants, Rusty has it all. Rusty has been based in Perth since 2006 and is independently owned and run by a small local Australian team. Known for its quality surf apparel and surfboards, Rusty also produces fashionable clothing for men and women, using planet friendly-fibers like linen, wool, and organic cotton whenever possible.

Mayfair Collection

For the most comfortable denims that will see you through the Australian spring, look no further than Mayfair collection

This brand new brand, founded in 2020, came into being after many hours of research by the founders to figure out the perfect pair. They came up with comfortable but stylish jeans made of quality material that feel great on and fit properly.

Let's face it, denims will never go out of fashion – get yourself a snazzy pair from Mayfair Collection.

Jimmy Stuart 

Known for impeccably tailored clothing in floral prints, Jimmy Stuart can also clothe your feet for spring when you are not ready to wear sandals yet.  

You will look cool in these singular, printed cotton sneakers – you won’t find anything like them anywhere else. For guys brave enough to stand out while supporting sustainable fashion, a pair of sneakers from Jimmy Stuart is just the thing. These shoes are handcrafted in Vietnam and come in a range of unique designs and colors. 

The shoes have a suede trim, comfortable cotton insoles, polyester lining, and rubber soles.

Final Thoughts

For spring, you don't need to rush off to the shops to be in fashion. Just stick to the basics like long sleeve t-shirts, lightweight sweaters, and a pair of jeans. We sell everything you need on Local Threads. Take your time to scroll through and find the perfect sustainably produced clothes to make you feel and look great this spring. 

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