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Best Maxi Dresses for All Women to Wear this Summer

by Editorial Staff 03 Dec 2022

Maxi dresses and skirts are all the rage this summer. Once again, you might say, because they have been going in and out of fashion since Oscar de la Renta created a maxi in lace for the Elizabeth Arden Salon in 1968. During this time, the kaftan became a favourite amongst celebrities, film stars, and socialites of the time.

2023 Best Maxi Dresses For Women This Summer

Ever since, the floor-length dress has never completely lost its appeal. Even when it was not in fashion, it still appeared in the form of evening gowns for formal events.

Reasons Why Maxi Dresses Remain Popular

Maxis Are Comfortable

Being loose-flowing with no belts, these dresses are extremely comfortable to wear. And if you buy one in a natural fibre like cotton, linen, or bamboo, your dress will be breathable and cool and feel great on your skin. 

Wear yours with a vintage necklace, a basket bag, and oversized earrings for a relaxed 1960s look.

Garden Party vintage floral maxi dress for sale on Local Threads

Maxi Look Elegant

There is a reason most gowns for important events are long – it is the most elegant length for a dress. Minis may be sexy, but they are hardly ever elegant. Maxis are ankle-length, allowing for footwear to show. Depending on your choice of shoes or sandals, your maxi can be suitable for a formal or casual event, making it a versatile choice for summer. 

Maxi Dresses Come in a Wide Range of Styles and Designs

Maxi dresses come in an endless range of styles, materials, and colours. There is a dress that will be perfect for everyone. Dress styles can be adjusted to fit every body shape. The simplest is a slip-on dress that can look great with the right accessories. 

Maxi Dresses Are a Quick Solution To Dressing

Some days, it is just too much trouble to put together that works, especially if you have too many florals and patterned outfits in different colours in your closet. With a maxi dress, you can be ready faster – just slip it on, grab some shoes and you're ready to go. 

Separates allow for a wider range of outfits, but dresses give a simpler and quicker solution.  '

Maxi Dress Are Easy to Dress Up

A well-cut maxi dress made in a fabric that drapes well is very flattering. You can easily dress up a maxi by adding a necklace of your choice, long earrings, and bangles. Finish the look with a pair of stylish high heels or strappy sandals for the summer. On cool evenings a sheer scarf will add extra femininity.

Becca Maxi Dress in fashionable soft purple by Lakeya. For sale on Local Threads. 

Maxi Dress is Good Protection Against The Sun

A maxi dress offers good protection against the Australian sun by covering most of the body. Other garments like shorts and t-shirts expose a lot of skin to the sun. A maxi dress is like wearable sun protection. Wear yours with a wide-brimmed hat for maximum sun protection. 

Versatile Maxi Dresses For Women

This is one of the best reasons for having a maxi dress in your cupboard this season. This is a garment you can wear to just about any occasion. You can wear it to work, a dinner date, cocktails, afternoon tea, a wedding, shopping, and around the pool.

It's the ideal transit garment, looking breezy and cool during the day, and with a change of footwear and added jewellery, it can be perfect for moving on to an evening out.


For those who don't have the money or the interest to follow every new fashion trend that comes along, a maxi dress is the answer. The maxi dress is an enduring fashion item that is always in style. You can stay on trend every year by just adding an accessory in the fashion colour of the year or buying one in a plain colour that you can dress up differently every year. A maxi dress in a solid colour and a classic style will last you for many years.

How to Wear a Maxi

Wear it in All Seasons

The maxi dress is very versatile. Wear it in summer with strappy sandals or leather thongs and a few months later, in the winter, pair it with boots and a blazer. That versatility is its biggest asset. In spring and autumn, choose a maxi with long sleeves so you'll stay comfortable in somewhat lower temperatures.

Change The Look From Casual To Formal

The same maxi you wear shopping this morning will be transformed into a smarter outfit for the evening with the addition of a long Kimono in a complementary colour. Finish the look with a long vintage necklace and dressy shoes. 

Create a Boho Look

Choose a maxi in a patchwork print (they are very popular this summer) and team it with multiple strings of beads and colourful, painted bangles. Long, shoulder-skimming earrings will complete the look.

Make the Best of a Column Dress

A column maxi is one of the most stylish silhouettes for this summer. Wear a white knitted column maxi to the farmers market with white sneakers and change the look for barbeque or cocktails later on by adding flat Grecian sandals, a straw bag, and minimal jewellery. For a sophisticated look, opt for seamless underwear.

What Does Local Threads Offer in Terms of Maxi Dresses For Summer?

If you are here at Local Threads, you are in the perfect place to find a maxi that is just right for you this summer. Local Threads is the largest online marketplace for ethical fashion from Australia's best independent brands. 

The brands on the platform offer customers the latest fashions produced by following sustainable practices.

For maxi dresses in different styles to suit every body type, have a look at our stunning range produced by Local Threads partner brands Belle & Bloom, Lakeyo, Matea Designs, Rusty, and Cazinc the Label.

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