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Essential Hoodie Australia for Men and Women

by Editorial Staff 08 Oct 2022

Auther: Zenda Nel


The Hoodie is an iconic fashion staple that has been popular for decades. The hooded sweatshirt has connotations to medieval monks, construction workers, rappers and streetwear, and has earned a dubious reputation as the preferred garb of muggers and others who want to shield their identity. 

But the garment has earned a wider reputation and appeal as a favorite amongst tech nerds (read Mark Zuckerberg). It has become so popular that major designers are including it in their collections. 

What is a hoodie exactly? It is basically a sweatshirt with a hood attached to the neckline. Hoodies have long sleeves and a large pocket on the front. They can have a zipper down the front and they all have a drawstring at the neck.

Hoodies are very popular among young people, but adults are also wearing them. 

What makes them so popular? They make you look cool while keeping you warm. Hoodies are usually made from a warm material, and because it can cover your whole upper body and your head, it feels cozy and protective. In addition, the hood at the back can protect you from rain and snowfall unless it's raining heavily. In cold weather, the drawstring can be tightened to protect you from the cold.

Hoodies are a versatile and practical clothing option that work well with most pants. For chilly days, choose one with sherpa or fleece lining and team it with your favorite jeans and boots. The zip-through kind works well with a t-shirt on milder days.

Let's find out where to shop for hoodies for men and women in Australia.

Local Threads

Being the largest marketplace for ethical fashion from Australia's top independent brands, Local Threads naturally has a number of hoodie options for discerning Australian shoppers. With over 150 brands and 30,000 products stocked on the Local Threads platform, you are bound to find the perfect leisurewear, including a hoodie.

Local Threads stock hoodies and sweatshirts from local ethical brands like ORTC, Rusty, and Camper Camo. These local brands are great for comfortable and quality clothing. 

Jimmy Stuart

Jimmy Stuart is known for his bold, and unique designs and especially the fabrics that he chooses. Jimmy Stuart is responsible for an extensive clothing range, which mainly includes shirts, shorts, swim shorts and board shorts. But the brand also manufactures high-quality hoodies. This Australian fashion brand is a national label with international appeal. 


Rusty is Australia's number one provider of beach clothing store. The brand specializes in summer and spring clothing, including boardshorts, bikinis, shorts, tank tops, tees, thongs, caps and hats. However, that doesn't mean the Aussie brand is not aware of the winter cold. For winter, Rusty provides its customers with jeans, jumpers, hoodies, cardigans, jackets, beanies, and hoodies. Get yours on the Local Threads platform.


ORTC is one of the sustainable clothing brands featured on Local Threads. The brand produces high-quality garments that you don't have to throw away after one season. ORTC hoodies look good enough to wear to almost any occasion.

Hoodie by ORCT


This Adelaide brand covers the entire spectrum from streetwear, fitness, to luxury wear. The Signature Hoodie made from a heavyweight cotton and polyester blend looks super smart. 

The heavyweight fabric gives the hoodie a high quality appearance and is effective at keeping the wearer warm in cold weather.

The Signature Hoodie comes in a neutral tone and minimalistic design which adds to its classiness. And due to these qualities, you can pair with any type of pants.

Reptile Apparel

Reptile Apparel is an edgy Australian brands that's also featured on Local Threads. The brand is smack in the middle of modern streetwear and urban fashion, focused on design and quality.

While the brand works to produce excellent products, it is more than a fashion label.

But whilst we deliver outstanding apparel to our customers, we exist to be more than just a label, working to encourage growth and collaboration as a community.

Shop on Local Threads for your next hoodie.

Satin & Saint

Melbourne-based Satin & Saint has been operating since December 2017 as a luxury street style brand. The brand has been featured in GQ Australia and can be followed on Instagram.

On the Local Threads platform, you can find their long-line Hoody, which is sure to keep you warm on cold days. It has a front pocket and is made with 100% high-quality cotton.

Serpa hoodie by Kenny Parker Label

Kenny Parker

Kenny Parker is a Melbourne-based independent Australian fashion label. Kenny Parker clothes are not typical Aussie beach wear. The brand produces high-quality clothes in plain colors. The clothes are high-quality and gender-neutral, so if you buy yourself a hoodie, your girlfriend can wear it too. 

The Kenny Parker hoodies are made in Melbourne with a thick poly-cotton blended fleece. Shop for yours here on Local Threads.

Unisex Hoodies

We mostly associate hoodies with men and teenage boys, but of course, women also love hoodies. Instead of manufacturing hoodies for men and for women, many brands simply produce unisex hoodies. Kenny Parker is one such brand and so is ORTC. 

Ladies look on Local Threads for some great hoodies. Unisex Flag Hoodie in navy by ORTC looks great. 

This ORTC is the perfect unisex sweater. It is made from a heavy-weight French terry and sand-washed so it is super soft. Both the cuffs and the hemline are ribbed and the hoodie features the ORTC embroidered flag logo.

100% Cotton french terry


Embroidered flag logo

Double width hood with drawstrings

Ribbed cuffs and hemline

Relaxed fit

Designed in Australia. Made in China

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