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Men's Swimwear, Men's Swim Shorts, Clothing & Accessories Australia

by Editorial Staff 24 Sep 2022

Author: Zenda Nel

Men's Swimwear Men's Swim Shorts Australia

Men's swimwear consists of swim shorts, board shorts and swim trunks. Figuring out the difference between them is like trying to understand the difference between a cappuccino, a flat white, and a cortado. The basics are the same, right?

Let's begin with swim trunks and swim shorts. They are basically the same thing, meant mainly for swimming. Board shorts, on the other hand, are made especially for water-based activities like surfing or wakeboarding.

What's confusing the matter of the difference between swim shorts and board shorts is the length. While board shorts are supposed to be longer than swim shorts, the latter also come in different lengths depending on a guy's body type. In fact, there are three swim trunks lengths: short, medium and long, with the shorter inseams being for shorter men and the longer inseams being for taller men.

The one definitive distinguishing feature is the waistband. Swim trunks have an elastic waistband and come with a drawcord. Board shorts, on the other hand, have a fixed waist also secured with a drawcord. This system is designed so the shorts remain secure on the body during water activities. In addition, board shorts are made of special stretch fabric while swim trunks are generally made of ordinary materials like cotton or polyester.

Both board shorts and swim trunks come in a range of stylish options that make them suitable for wearing at a restaurant or bar after a day on the beach. 

When it comes to swimwear for Australian men, there is no need to look any further than Local Threads, the largest online marketplace for sustainable fashion in Australia. Local Threads boasts a portfolio of more than 150 local brands and 30,000 products. Australians being beach and ocean lovers, many of these brands specialize in swimwear.

Shop For Swim Trunks

  • ORTC
  • ORTC is one of the sustainable clothing brands featured on Local Threads. Check out their swim trunks. They are made of high-quality cotton that keeps looking good after many endless summers. They look fresh and modern and are reasonably priced.

    100% polyester swim trunks by ORTC

  • The Cay Collection Swim Trunks For Men
  • The Caye Collection is another brand featured on the Local Threads platform. This range of swimwear oozes style, with innovative textile prints, color and color combinations and attention to detail. If you want to wear something comfortable, but also modern and stylish, don't look further than the range of swimwear by Caye Collection.

    All the swim shorts are hand-crafted from lightweight fabric that dries fast. Caye Collection focuses on producing limited production runs to ensure the exclusivity of its range. If you don't want to look like everyone else on the beach, get yourself a few Caye Collection swim shorts this season.

  • Drews Clothing, an Australian Men's Swimwear Brand
  • If you don't want to rob the bank in order to look great next to the pool, Drews Clothing has a pair of swim shorts that won't disappoint. Coming in a wide range of fun colors, these are swim shorts that you will enjoy wearing.

    Check them out on the Local Threads marketplace.

  • Vacay Swimwear
  • For the discerning male who wants to look stylish on the beach and afterwards, Vacay Swimwear is a great choice. This Australian swimwear brand aims to meet the highest standards of style and comfort with its range of swimwear for men. For a stylish European look, team your Vacay swim shorts with one of the brand's linen shirts. You'll look right at home in any classy environment. Find the look on Local Threads.

  • Jimmy Stuart
  • Known for its bold, eye-catching and unique designs for its extensive clothing range, the Jimmy Stuart board shorts and swim shorts don't disappoint. Operational since 1984, Jimmy Stuart has become a national label that attracts international customers as well. None of the clothing, including the swimwear, is mass-produced and even the fabrics are hand-picked for their uniqueness.

    Swim trunks by Jimmy Stuart are for the man who has a distinctive style and doesn't mind attracting attention. You can find the whole range of Jimmy Stuart clothing on the Local Threads platform.

    Board shorts by Jimmy Stuart

  • Lazy Sundae Board Shorts For Active Guys
  • For those of you who are planning to do more than lie on the beach and take the occasional dip, the Australian brand Lazy Sundae has some cool board shorts that will stay put while you ride the waves. 

    Check them out here on Local Threads.

  • The Archives Label
  • With swimwear denoted by names like Undead Fads, El Gringo, Spicy & Stripy, MilkyWay Bliss, and Boombox Classics, you can expect the swimwear from The Archives Label to be something special. This young Australian swimwear brand set out a couple of years ago to shake things up in the swimwear market. Get your pair of spunky swim shorts from The Archives Label here.

  • Rusty Board Shorts
  • Based in Perth, Western Australia, Rusty is a global provider of performance-driven surfboards and apparel for surf enthusiasts, including top-quality board shorts. The Rusty board shorts are made from a light material, are comfortable to wear, and are made to last. One of these will keep you company, staying securely on your hips through hours of surfing. If you plan to spend some hours riding the waves this summer, be sure to invest in a pair of Rusty board shorts.

  • Rode Board Shorts
  • For stylish board shorts that will look good at the pub or a meal at a restaurant after a long day in the water, look no further than Rode. They are made from high-quality material constructed out of plastic bottles. Ten plastic bottles are used to make one pair. They as so stylish, with so much attention to detail, you can literally wear them anywhere. 

    Stylish board shorts by Rode

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