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Local Threads
Local Threads


Unisex Accessories Available At Affordable Price


Generally speaking, accessories are pieces of equipment that aren't often necessary but can be used with or added to anything else to improve its functionality, aesthetics, or efficiency.

More specific is that they are add-ons to your main clothing making it cooler and finer. These include jewelry, belts, scarves, and many more.

Sustainable Accessories At Local Threads 

Local Threads is a fashion brand that specializes in the sale and distribution of sustainable clothing and accessories. We are on a mission to create more awareness and get more people to be interested in green fashion. Therefore, we have created an online marketplace for sellers and buyers to interact and do business unhindered. 

We have over 150 Australian brands in partnership with us. Each is an ethical brand that uses natural processes to make its goods. 

Common Accessories for Men and Women

  • Wristwatch- these are used to adorn your wrist. They tell the time too. They are very stylish and available in different designs; metal, leather, stainless steel, etc.

  • Bracelets - these are also used to beautify your wrist but this time without a time function. It usually consists of beads, woven rope, leather alternations, and lots more.

  • Rings - these are bands that adorn the fingers. They are usually made of gold, silver, or other stones. Theta re stylish and add color to your outfit.

  • Bags- these are handy accessories as they help you move stuff from place to place. It could be a backpack, satchel, tote bag, etc. They are very chic and comfortable to wear.

  • Hats - they are protective headgear. We have designs suitable for men and women which are classy and give your outfit a bolder look. 

  • Eyewear - these can be sunglasses, photochromic lenses, anti-glare shades, and more. Apart from being a cool accessory, it also serves a protective function for the eyes 

If you need more information about these accessories or would like to see more, feel free to navigate through our site for more.

We sell at the best prices in all of Australia. Our items are credible and can be trusted. They are durable, and you get to enjoy a free courier service to your doorstep when you purchase an item from us.

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