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Local Threads
Local Threads


Affordable Bags For Men and Women in Australia 


Have you been looking for where to get quality bags at unbeatable rates? Then look no further as you arrived at the best store for you in Australia-

Bags are an important part of your wardrobe. They are used to carry items from place to place. They are stylish and great accessories for you. We have them in different sizes; as small as a purse with straps or big as a backpack. They surely are a great addition to your wardrobe. 

Ethically Made Bags

The safety of the earth and the human race has got us pushing for more ethical fashion accessories. Our bags are ethically made because we are great enthusiasts of green fashion and are on a mission to push more earth-conscious materials. Thinking about the impact the manufacturing process has on the environment is important. 

We have a large collection of quality and affordable bags for men, women, and even kids. 

Meet Our Brands 

We are not the only ones carrying this burden. We have 150+ brands collaborating with us to change the face of fashion to more eco-friendly processes and products. A few of them are 

  • La Enviro - a leading brand in women's fashion in Australia

  • The Elsewhere and Co

  • Belle and Bloom

  • ORTC

  • Bird and Hill

Types of Bags Available at Local Threads

  • Cross Bags - they are portable and are usually lightweight. They are really stylish and great for casual outings. We have them available in different colors and designs for males and females. 

  • Backpacks - this is characterized by a pack held with two straps which makes it easy to carry on your back - reason for the name. They are bigger than the cross bags and can carry more items like laptops, and books. Some are even large enough for travel like camping, hiking, etc. We have various designs available in stock for you to choose from. 

  • Duffle Bags - these are a variant of handbags but instead they are bigger and more rounded. It is perfect as a gym bag. They are also great for travel as it has enough space to carry more goods and items.

  • Tote bags - these are unisex and perfect beach bags. They are best to accessorize a casual outfit.

These and more are available in different designs and colors on our page. 

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