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Cowboy Outfits

Quality CowBoy Outfits in Australia

For you to look like a real cowboy, it’s best to understand the purpose of their attire. While cowboys are usually wearing denim, a hat and some boots, there are a lot of other layers to work with when trying to dress like an authentic one. Their denim and leather however, is made to withstand the rough and tough lifestyle that these men endure.

The outfits includes many special movements which helps you create realistic rendering effects. You can easily put on any underwear and shoes under the jacket and jeans. You can recognize a cowboy by His outfits.

The typical Cowboy outfits

  •         Bandanna

These bandanas are usually large and made of cotton. They are used to absorb sweat and shield from dust storms and sun.

  •         Chaps

Chaps are mainly to protect the rider’s legs from any debris generated from riding a horse.

  •         Cowboy Hat

 A cowboy hat is best when it’s high-crowned and has a wide brim to also help protect from the sun.

  •         Cowboy Boots

The ideal pair of boots has high tops to protect the shins. Pointed toes will help guide the wearer’s feet into stirrups and a high heel to prevent from slipping through the stirrup.

  •         Gloves

A cowboy’s gloves are usually made of deerskin or other soft leathers and they provide the hands with protection from barbed wire, equipment or vegetation as well as helping to grip the reins of the horse.

  •         Pants

The perfect pair of cowboy pants are usually jeans or other sturdy trousers made from canvas or denim. These pants protect the wearer’s legs and usually include a smooth seam on the inside to prevent the cowboy from getting blisters.

Where to shop for a Cowboy outfit

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